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    Hello Everyone. I am a lawn and landscape company in Ohio. I mainly do lawn maintenance and small landscape work. I have an inside hookup with a lot and have an oppurtunity to put a bid in on multiple complexes. One of these complexes is an impound lot. Part of the bid is coming out 3 times a year to spray and kill growth between all of the vehicles in the back.

    Yes I have my applicators license, but I do not push the squirt/fert. I mainly got it to do fencelines and whatnot for industrial complexes. In other words, I am having a tough time trying to figure out the cost of doing this. I have attached a picture of the complex, and the area they want done is between all of the vehicles locate dbehind the small white office building. I have a 50gallon tow behind tank sprayer which I will tow behind an atv, and I plan on using a 41%glyphosate based weed killer. Just measuring the rows of where the cars are parked, I am coming up with 288k square foot, or 6.6 acres. Also, will glyphosate damage the vehicles if some of it touches them?

    Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks

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    The fastest way to do that would be have a friend if your solo hop in your truck and using a skid sprayer go to town. Figure out cost of material and add your hourly rate to spray ontop of that. I wouldn't do it by sf on that job.
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    Will the cars be there? Will you be able to pull your sprayer between them? Will they require you to spray under the cars? Do they just want the parking sprayed and not the paths?

    All are questions that will determine the amount of labor it will take.
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    ^^ i say just soak the cars with RU. That shouldn't piss anyone off right?
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    Use an airplane to spray the whole lot with round up like they spray fields. Well, that may not work.
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    First of all, thanks for the replies so far anyone. I am a constant reader here, but do not post very often. I was expecting to get the whole criticism "if you cant bid it dont do it" bla bla.

    No I am not a solo operator, but being the only one in my company with the correct license I would end up doing the work personally. The cars would not be moved, and I highly doubt they expect to spray underneath the cars. This is actually a police impound lot. The last guy they had was a solo op and the sergeant told me he never sprayed even though it was included into the bid. He would send a guy out with a little pumpaction backpack sprayer which would hardly hit anything. That is why they are looking for someone else. He is not looking for an absolute cleanup job, but keep the weeds down enough so it isnt looking like a junkyard. My inside source was able to get me a figure as to what the total bid was for last season ($5,100), and I know what he charged just for the grass cutting on a weekly basis. When I run my own figures, I can see the grass cutting only amounting to approx $3k of the total bill...leaving an extra $2k for what I presume to be the spraying and whatnot? It strikes me as a fairly profitable account as far as the mowing. I can not see 2 guys spending more than 30 minutes on site bringing in about $100.

    I know every business costs are different, but I am just looking for some approx ballpark figures what you guys think it would run? I have a general idea in my head but just wondering where I am standing. Like I said, I am figuring on using a towbehind 60gallon sprayer with an ATV. I do not have a spray truck designed specifically for this type of work.

    They do not want an hourly basis, they want a blanket price to take care of the weeds coming out 3x a year.

    Thanks again guys
  7. TurfWerks

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    I would be cautious around your vehicles, probably wouldn't use any dye either. Have you considered a soil sterilizer? That way you could do one good spray in spring and 2 touch ups on a smaller scale through the year?

    This may not work if they decide when you get to spray or not..

    I would price it like I was blanketing the whole lot. Bc of the difficulty I would maybe add say 10%
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    Would you use a soil sterilizer like pramitol before using some kind of glyphosate based killer? Just seems a lot more cost effective to use a glyphosatebased killer.

    Also, I would be able to determine when I come out and spray. They just want results
  9. turf hokie

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    We used to have a contract similar in scope, it was a boat yard for dry docked boats.

    This job will take you significantly longer than you think it will I suspect. The job we did was a little smaller than yours, I sprayed out of the back of a pick up truck with a 50 gallon sprayer. We sprayed 2x per year, soil sterilant was not allowed due to large trees surrounding the property.

    It took me almost 8 hours to spray each time, walking between all the boats, moving the truck takes a long time.

    I thought you had a decent price until you said it included mowing, I would not touch that job for $700 per visit (based on the numbers you gave $2000/3)

    I dont know what your market will bear or your costs but, I got over $2000 per visit and still hated every minute of it.

    Good luck
  10. kranker022

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    Thanks turfhokie.

    The bid is not spraying and lawn care combined for 2k. The lawn bid itself is about 3k.

    SO would you spray that lot 3 times for $2k? Also, I AM able to use a glyphosate herbicide so I can see that actually having pretty good results if I hit it hard the first time as soon as the grass picks up, and only have to touch up areas the other 2 times coming.

    How many gallons would you go through when you sprayed that boat lot? I can understand why it would seem like a pain with a truck, i think using the ATV and my pull behind sprayer would make it a little less frustrating.

    I can not see the materials costing me more than $100 mixing glyphosate 3 onces to a gallon.Spraying 110 gallons only would cost me $40 in supplies. 8 or 10 hour day spraying for $500 doesnt seem like too bad of a deal? Plus its the lawn bid that I find pretty profitable, but I have to do the weed spraying too in order to get the whole bid.

    I invite your criticisms, as I just want to make sure my thinking is right.
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