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OK guys...just wanna see what you think on this.

I've got to tie a 15" corrugated pipe into a cement driveway pipe and run in 260' to a creek. I will of course trench it and bury this pipe. I also need to put in a wye and a catch basin to catch some water that comes down near the driveway.

So..trench and bury 260' 15" black pipe, 1 catch basin, 1 wye, cover with 4 loads topsoil, seed, and wheat straw.

Pipe: 14 pieces at $100.00/section
Topsoil: 4 loads at $150.00/load
Wye: $150.00
Catch basin and grate: $450
Tractor rental: $150.00
Extra Labor: $100.00

Total bid: $4000.000
Estimated time: 1.5 day


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Way too low,IMHO.
I just did a 70 foot run of 4inch corrugated leach pipe and a catch basin for $1400.Took myself and 3 helpers 8 hours to complete using a backhoe.
Don't forget all the dirt you're taking out of the trench will have to go somewhere when that 15" pipe displaces it.We took out about 3 yards with just our little trench.(Replaced with gravel)
You'll need to drop your grade about 1.5" every 10 feet if you're on level ground.
So,you'll be dropping it around 39 inches at the end.(IF you're on level ground and not on an incline.)If your going down hill you can stay at the same grade.
Think this one through and good luck!
Luckily, it's already on a grade. It's also a ditch that is eroding badly. It has rip rap in it now, and I get to keep all of that. I don't have to dig too deep, and all that comes out will go back on top to level it out.


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are your prices your cost or are you making money on the products as well. are you good at digging with a hoe


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Don't count that riprap as a bonus to you.If it's large stones,it's going to double your time just removing them.
How deep is the ditch now and are you just going to dig about 10" and lay the pipe and then cover it?How much help do you have?What kind of equipment?
The trench we dug was on a slope also.We started at 10.5 inches to accomidate the basin and in 20 feet we were down to 14 inches.The rest was downhill,so we stayed at 14.
Seriously,I think you need to rethink your estimated time.With the four of us we had 32 manhours in this job and we busted arse to get it done in 8 hours.
Let me know how much help and what equipment you're going to use.
3 men, using a Kubota BX.

The materials I listed are my cost.


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You're going to have $2600 in materials and charge $4000 overall?
Just trying to keep you from getting burned and it looks like you're going to get burned big time on this.

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