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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnboy82, Mar 29, 2001.

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    i just put in a bid monday night for a 50 unit townhouse complex. here is what i have to do:
    cut grass every week or as needed: 4-5 guys 10 hrs. bag clippings and throw in woods, blow, trim, edge gardens as necessary
    fertility program: 9x fert / pest 1x lime
    spring clean-up: edge gardens, blow gardens out, run over lawn with walker and tine rake attachment thing.
    fall cleanup: 3x or aprox every other week 2 days 4 guys maybe 3 days?
    snow plowing: rental of skid steer for snow season, sand & salt 2 roads (2 yrds tops) shovel walkways (50) do driveways with skid steer. clause for snow removal and blizzards.
    price i came up with is: 125,500.00 + tax which brings it to like 134 / 135 between there... i dont think that i am low. i just want to know if i am really high? the place needs a lot of work and they sound interested. what would you guys charge for something this size? i havent signed anything yet and i know i can always withdraw it if i am unhappy. any help would be appreciated.
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    Without the size of the turf areas to be cut, linear feet of trimming to be performed, bed dimensions for mulch, linear feet of edging to be done, what apps you spec'd out at 9(???), the size of the driveways and walks, how long are the roads, how many car widths.

    Without numbers there is nothing to compare against.


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