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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RwADesigner, Aug 29, 2002.

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    Hey Guys,
    We are mainly a landscape design/build company, but we are wanting to get into landscape maintenance also. We both have a lot of experience with both sides of the business, but the problem is...we have never had to price the maintenance jobs before.

    I recently got a call from a young lady to come and give her a price quote on an express cleanup of her property. She called on Wens. evening.....Met with her around 7nish that evening....She said she needed it done by friday evening because her parents were coming into town. One of two things happened here....either I was way off my rocker with the bid or she was just wanting an UNCLE RAY RAY lawn guy to come in and do the work for nothing.

    Her lot size was about 1/2 - 3/4 acre with a front and back yard. front yard had probably an average 15% slope....though it did get steep in some parts. Her back yard was surrounded with a chain link fence...grass not to high....1/2 or so ft tall. There were some roots surfacing the ground though randomly throughout the back yard. She probably had 3 trees to trim around.....Two kid play equipments to go around.

    With this mowing ....she wanted her beds in front to be edged..weeded....probably 8x20 bed.....and she wanted her driveway and walk to be edged...just a normal driveway size...not big ...

    with the mowing/edging...she needed some trimming and pruning of the privet that was growing within her chainlink fence....

    The privet was probably 4-7 ft tall on was growing around..and between the links of the fence. She also wanted a huge muscadine vine cleaned out of the fence. the length of the fence that she wanted to be cleaned was probably 90 or so ft long...maybe give or take 10ft.....

    I figured in time to dump the brush..once it was cleaned...time to load up and get to site for her one time job...time to clean the brush away from fence....time to edge and mow.......I didnt think i was that far off...on price...but heck i may have been crazy on it....please respond to wut you guys would have quoted on this....thanx guys...

    and also....leave any tips on pricing maintenance jobs......once again..we are experienced in both sides of the business.....but we have never priced maintenance jobs before.....

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    Man!! So many things not known from just reading. Like time, equipment, # of workers, compensation of workers, etc. Off the top of my head, I would probably say $400 minimum to $800 max. I would try to estimate how much time and then charge $45-$55 per man hour estimated. Probably use the highest man hour rate possible since she wanted it done yesterday.
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    Good point 65Hoss....

    36" wb

    2 guys

    i estimated at 4-5 hrs total time....including..load up....cleanup ...and dumping of brush..

    hope this helps...
  4. 65hoss

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    Ok, then I would estimate 1 hour extra.
    6 hours X $85 per crew hour (2 guys)=$510

    I use the $85 crew hour price since I added an extra hour in. If she seems like she's going to be a witch then I would add an extra $100 in.

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