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    Using ICT Organics 1-2-3 Tea, product cost for 18 acres is roughly $540.00.
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    what you are talking about is more nutritious forage not fertilizing turf, there is a big difference. What you are trying to accomplish with this application is to raise brix levels and unlock micronutrients in the soil and the plant

    you are on the right track with a foliar to begin with but you will need to follow up with some soil corrections long term

    Barry can get you our tea for a little over $500 for the application, it will do what you need it to do. It will raise brix levels and unlock micronutrients within the plant. One thing you need to tell them is that often the horses will not eat anything else later, they tend to be very picky about it after they have had more nutritious forage.

    ask them to do a soil test, you need to pull these as seperate tests from different distinct areas. you should also walk the fields to see generally what condition they are in. This should be a long term commitiment to the animals not a one shot deal, it is important to convey that to the owners
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    I agree there is a big difference, but why do you need to raise the sugar level of forage? Also, I am curious how a CT unlocks micronutrients within a plant?

    If this is a horse farm and the area is a grazing pasture, then I personally would be looking at utilizing the horse manure .... you have to do something with it.
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    The more I think about this, the more I would suggest avoiding the job. Horses' digestive systems are really sensitive and there are too many issues involved here.
    For instance, if one were to use synthetic fert, there would have to be a good rain of about half an inch to insure all the prills were dissolved into the ground before returning the horses to graze. Foliar applications of anything? I don't know. For me, I would only bid this job if the horse farm owners would provide specifics about what was to be applied and the rate and they would also sign a contract that says you are not liable in any way.

    If this is an expensive horse farm, what have they done in the past about fertilization? If they have that much pasture, I would think that the grass would do just fine without fertilization with proper pasture rotation.
    If these are performance horses of any kind, they would be fed supplements without dependence on mere forage.
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    Agree on both points.
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    What are you applying products with?

    Permagreen type machine would fit in your trailer real nice and cover 3 acres Zmax would be better.

    I noticed in your previous threads that you were looking into buying a sprayer and were inquiring about being licensed to apply orgainc ferts.

    I have also heard of a company applying products to a horse pasture/field and 3 horses died. The cause was first pointed to the applicator, but after an investigation they did find some horsetail growing within the boundaries of where the horses roam. My point is you better be insured thru the ying yang to be safe or as I stated at the beginning WALK AWAY.

    If you have never tried Compost Tea or any other product for that matter. DO NOT test it on your customers properties. Make sure you know it works for you.

    What is the price difference of Aggrand and syntheic price wise for 18 acres.
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    Okay horses. Finally something I know about. I raised horses and ran a string of the finest mountain saddle horses many have seen.

    This situation sounds dubious. On a small acreage like that why are they not just harrowing the horse droppings? Some may recall that we pastured our horses on 30 acres and cut hay from a mere 6 acres which produced around 17 tons using harrowed horse manure alone to fertilize. In contrast, our neighbour who had used chemical fertilizers for years but could no longer spread them due to health/finances got less than that from 80 acres in the same year (yes it was that pathetic; shows what chemical fertilizers do)
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    I would free range some chickens. Have them go through and feed on the pasture and eat the insects out of the horse manure and have their droppings fertilize the fields. Build a portable coop and eat harvest the eggs for food.

    Do you have the means to spray 19 acres? I know I wouldn't want to. Even using a granular material, this would be a long day for me to get this done.

    As far as pricing the job goes, we don't know your costs. Cost of materials, app time, drive time and profit are a few things you need to look into.
  9. Tim Wilson

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    PS. Kiril, do me a favour and delineate CT (compost tea) from ICT compost tea.
  10. ICT Bill

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    You have had experience with horses and forage, how did your fields work for you

    pro's con's ?

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