Bidding 2 apartment complexes, help!

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Braves17, Mar 24, 2014.

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    getting on and off the mower every stripe and a half?

    one of the other posters is talking about a property with over two hours of just picking up trash… thats a lot of stopping in the middle of mowing.

    If have a few commercial properties that have bundles of needles every spring….we blow most of the debris/trash into a corner, then rake needles into a pile, scoop with shovel/pitch fork into metal trash can.

    That's how we treat most trash… hazardous.

    during the summer with no leaves, yep we blow a lot of it into an obstacle like the dumpster bin, rake it into a big green barrel and dump it… way faster.

    80% of our properties however, we are not 'technically' responsible for trash as per contract.
    if I had 2.5 hour of trash picking, that would be brought up with the property manager… we'd either being billing extra or they would make sure it was policed up before we arrived to mow.
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    Get your self a grab stick never leave the seat
    In the spring time and fall you do clean ups that's extra The OP should know all the details of his contact
    Sorry I just pick up as I mow To much time is wasted walking around with a blower or a rake trying pick up trash with out touching it with your hands Put some gloves on.
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    2.5 hours of trash?? I guarantee my way is faster. you want to sit on the mower with a tiny little baggie and a grab stick and stop each time a chicken box is within reach, all the while stopping the mower and think that that is somehow quicker?

    the grab stick is fine for a bit of trash here and there, and for a property this size…if we are talking about here and there trash…it's hardly worth considering extra hours worth of time for.
    are you proposing to spend an hour or more of actual daylight picking bits of trash with that little grabby stick?

    You go do that…no wonder you think something like this is going to take 4 hours just to mow!
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    Apartment complexes come with a stack of annoyances. There is a constantly revolving door of new obstacles and problems. Don't bid too low, because it's not worth it if its not profitable, whatever you think it'll take, tack on another 20%.

    Especially ones that aren't stringently managed. Believe me, one day you'll show up and some dipsh!t will have installed solar lights on all the walkways around his building. I bid on my old complex last year (still living there at the time), they said it was too high, I thought I was giving them a steal. Place was a dump.
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    Sorry but if you think your way faster good for you
    I didn't say it take 4 hrs to mow his trimming is going be long part
    I said he could burn 3-4 hrs

    What takes him and what it takes me to mow is the difference .

    He mowing with a slow mower to start with I mow with 3 mowers I use 3 trimmers I run 3 edger's and 3 blowers .

    The size of the mower I would run on it 2 72'' and 1 60''.

    So what I charge to mow it, I cant say since I don't know his overhead or I don't know his market.
    From doing 4 complex's last few years range from 9 acres to 4.5 acres I seen my share of trash.
    Worst place I seen trash is after a Football game at the School I mow that's only time I will walk and pick up beforehand that's extra hourly rate.
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    One complex last year One day what I seen solar lights and on the Forth of July Flags everywhere
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    Happened at mine, and they left their patio furniture on the lawn. I added it into the estimate, even though I probably would have thrown those solar lights in the garbage
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    I would like to add that I realized going into this deal that there would be a lot of trash pick up. I will pick up cans, cig boxes, and other litter all day for 100/hr. Everything has it's price. Make sure in your contract that you are very clear what your responsibilities are. VERY CLEAR or you will end up Lawncare/ Maintenance man. Apartments are very different from residential and typical commercial. Bid wisely. And don't forget to add a window or two in your cost. It's gonna happen
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    Well im going to place my bid today, im just gonna go with 240. 270 may have been high. Im going to go with 100 on the other.
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    :confused: I thought you said you had to blow all the driveway there? looks like there is more hard surface than turf.

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