bidding 36 homes in a hoa

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Kings of Green LLC, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Kings of Green LLC

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    Ok im in my first year of lawn care and i am putting in my first bid like this. There is 36 homes and average is 5200 sq ft all drives and sidewalks need edged with an edger bagged ( i have two walkers) fertilized 4 times plus grub controll and of course snow removed. All yards are irregated. I know its a "blind" bid but give me your thoughts
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  2. memphis.landscape

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    Figure up what you would charger for one, then multiply that by 36. Then I would more than likely subtract 5-10% since there wouldnt be any drive time. Personally this is not how I would go about bidding it, but not seeing it it is the best I could tell you.
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  3. CircleC

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    Bid everything you can think of...3 prunings a year, shrub bed pre-emg, personal gardening for each home, pest control for each home, trash removal.....dont sell your self short just to get it. Before you submit a bid walk the property with person who will be reviewing bid to ensure you are covering everything. Ask a load of questions...

    I got a place like that this season....worst thing i could have done. Losing my "A" monthly because of all the "personal" gardening we have to do. Last season the company that was doing it went out of biz and did an awful job. Had people tell me i wouldnt last the season, because they were not going too have another crappy season. Ooo and i have been paying for it!

    Good luck...dont lose your ass can out you out of biz quick!
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  4. grandview (2006)

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    You might have to get a total price then break it down to each unit ,then broke down again to each unit cost per service.
  5. Efficiency

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    5-10% under normal wont win it. We do a number of entire neighborhoods and you would be amazed how quickly your guys will move when their is nothing stopping them.
  6. Kings of Green LLC

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    Si far i feal $16 per unit to. mow and $900 per treatment snow ??????
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  7. cgaengineer

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    Spot on...sounds just like a 66 home HOA I had.

    If the HOA is elderly people charge more....
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