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Bidding a job.....Are my prices in line.


LawnSite Bronze Member
1. Transplanting 5 trees. 5'/6' tall
2. Remove 2 dead or damaged trees. One has to be dug to make room for another tree. The other can be cut and grind stump, clean up and top soil.
3. Plant 4 Leyland Cypress trees. 6' tall.........
4. Move a corner fence decoration. A bed with a corner section of white vinyl fence. Remove all existing plant and mulch material and renovate. About 10-12 man hrs. have tractor with bucket.
5. Sod old corner decor location. About 150 sq.
6.Install new landscape bed as a focal point. Will use moss rock, dry stack to give some contrast and elevate the bed on front side. On a slight slope. Rock will be level and will to give that retaining wall look.

Material is 1123.23
Labor is 2500.00

I'm new at this Landscaping Install thing. I think around 40 to 45 man hours to complete.


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Morgantown, WV
Allow yourself some extra time for the transplants & removals. You never can tell when something seems easy, it probably won't be the day you go to do it. I don't know what your overhead / operating costs are, but your price seems a little low,JMO.


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Charleroi P.a
How many employees do you have working on this project? what type of trees are you transplanting?


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Workers.....whats that?

Me and a helper. Tractor w/ forks and a bucket.

Trees to be transplanted are 4 Leyland Cypress(5' tall) and and 1 Willow Tree (12' tall w/ a 4" cal.)

New trees will be 6' Leyland Cypress trees. 2 trees will go where 2 existing cypress tree are to be transplanted from and 2 will be new locations.