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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mezammit, Jul 8, 2007.

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    I just got a call from a friend of mine who works at a restaurant and said they need some landscaping done. The place needs 4 small tree's cut down only a 4' trunk and 15 feet tall each, 15 yards of mulch installed, and a couple of small shrubs replaced. The tree's will have to be replaced with new ones. The mulch just installed, no weed barrier just freshened up I will cut new bed lines to make it look cleaner also. I asked him just out of curiosity if anyone has bid the job and he said the company that cuts there grass placed a bid at $6600.0 I thought that it was a lot on the high side. Then I asked if anyone is going to bid and he says no. I talked to the manager and he was a little pissed about 6600. dollars. So my main question is why did this company bid the job so high. I came up with $1800. in material alone. Any idea's what you guys would bid. Also if I do get the job the stumps will have to be ground out. Would it be all right to plant the trees in the same spot the old ones came out of.
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    Without seeing the job myself I can only tell you that I would bid the job using my numbers. If the other bid is high and your bid is lower using numbers that you know you will come out on. Then go with it. Put it in writing what is exactly to be done and you will be safe. Be sure though to put the FULL SCOPE of the project in the agreement. I try to always use my same formulas on bidding. That way I know i will come out on top.
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    some people in this business do like to make money i guess...

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    With the info. you've provided, even if you CAN do the job for $1800, I would still bid higher. My guess is the other company knows something you dont, or you are just barely covering your costs. Make some money, take your time on the job and live a little better for a day or so. Just a suggestion.
  5. mezammit

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    Come to find out the managers brother in law came along and said he will do the work at cost plus labor. As soon as I found that out I knew I wasn't getting the job. Last I heard the managers brother in law found some trees for $100. a piece. The trees I priced out were from a nursery I do most of my business with and they were $225. a piece.(Norway Maple) This just really pissed me off when I heard he got the job but hay we cant all win.

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