Bidding a job


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anderson s.c.
I'm bidding on some properties that someone wants to pay per cut but wants hedge trimming, garden bed maintenance and pestcontrol and weed & feed just wanted to get some feed back the some ideas.

J Hisch

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Evansville IN
How large are the properties? how many shrubs? You need Pesticide Liscense to apply weed and feed.

But with out knowing any thing.. $50 per cut.. $200 shrubs


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Wilmington, DE
Give the customer a flat rate per cut. As far as the landscape maintenance goes it depends on how much work is involved. Once you estimate how long it will take you, charge an hourly rate, include your time, equipment, and disposal fees. As for the weed & feed you need to know the square footage so you can bid a fair price, but as previously stated you may need a pesticide license.

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