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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by paul, Feb 4, 2001.

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    Heres a job we bid this past year for a park. What I'm looking for is pricing. Lets price this job out and see how we all look. The lannon outcropping weighs 160 lbs. per cu. ft. Bid specs call for unit prices. They are going to go for the whole job, no cuts. Wholesale prices are going to make a differance but if anyone has questions on them or the plants I'll list them out here on a different post. The one problem for some might be the Lannon stone so I'll give you that wholesale price now ($88.00 per ton on site, you do have to unload the trucks, 10 truck loads) under the lannon stone you need a 6" base of 3/4"- gravel.

    Job "A"
    Amount Size Descrption
    370 Face Ft Retaining wall 4' high
    5740 Sq. Ft Pavers Holland stone 6" base
    excavation done by others
    210 tons Lannon Stone outcropping
    3' X 4' X6"-8" installed and backfilled
    no excavation 4-5 stones high
    350' long wall dirt on site

    4 3" Autumn Purple ash
    1 3" Ginkgo
    5 3" Kentucky Coffee tree
    6 3" Skyline Locust
    4 6' Easter Red bud
    3 8' Austrain Pin
    37 24" Potentill Abbotswood
    31 24" Green Mound Alpine current
    130 24" Grow-low Sumac
    112 24" Kallay Compact juniper
    41 24" Taxus Tauntoni Yew
    125 cu yds Hardwood Mulch
    5000 sq yds seeding Blue grass
    1500 sq yds sod
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    The retaining wall - 4' exposed height or total height?
  3. paul

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    Retaining wall is 4' total height
  4. Stonehenge

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    Wall - approx $10K
    Brick - approx $40K
    Stone - $73K - bit of a guess

    Made some assumptions on the paving brick - 1 area, big. No snaking walks everywhere.

    Plants - will take too long for me to est w/o taking some time.
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    Hey Guys,

    I'm new here. I've been in the hardscape buisness for 16 years in ontario. We do about 90% residential work and a few commercial jobs each year. Municipal work hasn't been an area that we have stepped into before. Without seeing the site I can give you only some ball park figures, but this is what a job like that would go for around here.

    • Segmented Concrete Retaining Wall $16,500 CDN
    • Interlocking Pavers $36,000
    • Rockery Stone $55,000
    • Install only Nursery Stock $15,000
    • Mulch (supply and install) $ 5,000
    • Sod " " " $ 4,500
    • Nursery Stock and warranty EXTRA
    • TOTAL $132,000 CDN

    My price on the rocks assumes that you need use only 210 tons that you have specified. My quick calculations say 300 tons though.

    Great site guys.

    Personalized Landscaping Ltd.

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