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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Green Clean, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. lazor-cut

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    You got it all wrong. Never did I say GO LOWBID. I simply told him that most city bids over here go to the lowest bidder.. I even said its very hard without selling yourself short.. Who cares he'll do what he wants and so will everyone else.
  2. Green Clean

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    How badly did I underbid? I figured in my expenses and gave me and my guy $8 an hour plus had a healthy profit of 24%.
  3. CBramble

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    You pay yourself $8 an hour? :dizzy:
  4. caseysmowing

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    Im surprised it took y'all that long to notice that $8 a hour. That's a red flag for me. No employee much less a HELPER is at $8 a hour. I'm calling uninsured licensed and under the table business. Do people even take in all the advice on this site or do they just read it and keep doing what they have always done??
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  5. caseysmowing

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    I made $7.50 in high school working at McDonalds over 10 years ago. I bet you get 100 percent of the quotes you give out.
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  6. jrs.landscaping

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    KNOW YOUR COSTS before you bid.
  7. zacher

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    Im assuming this is his first larger property. I have always done several residential accounts even in the years prior when I sold my equipment and accounts and keep coming back...

    I have always been nervous bidding on commercial properties for this very reason. It would be my first bid..hard to say man hours and equipment wear and gas when you dont quite know you can only guess based off a residential job you did...

    I guess this guy will learn from it. I just hope he didn't sign a contract with the county already...
  8. Curcioslawn

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    $8 per man hour? I'm getting $40 per man an that's just to stay cheaper than the guys charging $50-$60 an hr per guy
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  9. Green Clean

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    Yes I pay myself $8 an hour with a bonus at the end of the year. This not the only thing I do, I also powerwash, this is an expansion and I am learning the ropes as I go. However, I do carry an insurance policy and it is not an under the table business. I operate solely as a limited liability company in the arena of grounds maintenance specializing in mobile homes and parks while I learn the ropes. However after doing some more math I have decided that I have underbid, but will fulfill the contract and raise my price next year.
  10. Green Clean

    Green Clean LawnSite Member
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    I knew my costs, plus I had the inside track as to what it cost before as I worked for this park last year. I suppose my problem is I don't quite know where the profit margin is supposed to be. Could someone from another state (Not MI as that would be counter productive) give me a hand here? I had my fuel at .50 per lot, my maintenance at .35 per lot, my taxes at .25 per lot, me and my guy at $8 an hour, and a 24 % profit. Can someone show me where I went wrong?

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