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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Green Clean, Jun 15, 2013.

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    P1040621.JPG If it will help you I mow a 60 acre trailer dump. er park. I do 60 vacant lots and 35 acres of wide open haulin tail mowing there. 2 guys, 2 eight hour days, 1 trimmer, and 1 60" toro z. $1600 every 2 weeks. Huge insurance required. Worth every drop of sweat. My advice is to stay up to date on it, and invoice every time so when it gets backed up on their end it won't be so bad for you. Stay up on it. Make the $$. Pics are of stuff I hit and bent blades from this year and a spindle from when the mower was new and I first hit something. Thanks Toro for the 2x warranty spindles! Long story, there fault, they stood behind unit, happy customer. Also a 1/4" steel plate that can be pinned shut for mowing those 60 lots where IDK you might find a car horn and water pump one day or a bicycle training wheel the next. Keeps the kids safe. They scamper around behind me like the roaches. I pay $100ish a day there for the labor, it varies.


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    Live and learn the hard way. Everyone does it you were just unlucky to do it on a big job. With the equipment you said you had you made good time on the 34 lots. Is that 34 empty lots or did they have trailers on them? Sorry for saying you were unlicensed and insured. If you are able to run a business you are worth at least triple what you are paying yourself. Give yourself some credit$$$.
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    The lots were empty with the exception of piers and poles I had to go around. I figure it this way it was a learning experience. I think I'll stick to residential for a bit.

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