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    Ive been in this business for a while now, but have just now found this website and it seems to be very helpful. My question is how do you all go about finding out when commercial properties contracts run out and how one may get the chance to bid on it.
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    its funny you are asking this ? to everyone.i just asked the same ? the other day..
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    Call every apartment complex in the phone book and ask if their happy with their current contracter.
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    Well i havent been doing this that long but my guess would be that most dont since the guys doing it dont want anyone taking it out from under them. Like they told me a few months ago in a simaliar thread, just drop off a card with a price on it at the place or quote it on a sheet and drop it off and let them call you.. I havent been doing this long as i stated so i may be wrong but that is what i would asume most are revolving contracts..

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