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    I know this has been addressed -previously in this forum, but I can't bring up the topic with the search feature. <br>What rate do you guys use to bid out aerating service? I have some large accounts to bid on this spring, and I would like to get an idea of what the typical rate is per square foot. I would be using a walk-behind 28&quot; aerator for properties in the 1-2.5 acre size. Any help would be greatly appreciated! BTW- This will be my first year offering aerating service. How long should I expect a relatively flat, open acre to take using this equipment?<br>
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    In my area companies have been charging 15 cents a square foot. Minimum $100.00 per yard, but I would assume that would drop if they were linked together. As for time to complete the acre, I don't know.
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    I think 15 cents per square foot is really high. If you have 1000 sq. feet, that is $150.00 dollars It is probably closer to 1.5 cents per square foot, with a minimum charge.<p>My minimum charge is $45.00 and I charge about 1.2 cents per square foot.<p>How much time does it take with a 28&quot; walk behind? You can probably get about 18,000 sq.ft/hour. A lot of this time depends on the user. Some users are much faster than others. You may get closer to 25,000 sq.ft/hr.

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