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  1. JMK26

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    $100 minimum up to 5000k sq feet. $35 for each 1k over that for non mowing clients.
    $85 minimum up to 5K sq feet, $35 per 1k over 5K for mowing clients.

    aerating only.

    Seeding is $3/lb.
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  2. zicesariz

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    When you guys aerate and over seed your mowing customers, do you guys stop mowing that property per a couple of weeks? or just keep mowing weekly???
  3. zicesariz

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    do you lower the price when you start getting into bigger lots? like 20,000 sqft or does your price stay the same?
  4. mcjhuff

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    Help me understand this pricing. How are you getting $700 to aerate a 20k lawn that takes 30-40 mins to do? Irrigation and everything pre marked by the customer, $250 and I’m still seeing good margins. The majority of the properties I’m doing are 15-40k sqft and there is no way I’m getting that kind of price here. Seed and fert is always extra but am i shooting way too low or just missing something? Northern Indiana here.
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  5. guitarman2420

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    What are your costs? I always try to arrive at what my costs are and then add whatever margin that I want to attain. I try not to gouge my customers by charging them outrageous rates for aerating. Many of those clients I turn into monthly clients, by keeping my pricing in line.

    For example, my cost for aerating a 1/4 acre yard would be,
    @ 70 for grass seed, 19 for fert & 60 for labor, plus whatever the equipment cost me (I use a Toro ride on aerator). I can charge a client $350 for the job and be making a huge margin and at the same time developing a great relationship with a new customer
  6. JFGLN

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    With aeration the client can often do it themselves. But... they have to rent an aerator and figure out how to get it home. Actually do the work and then take the machine back to the rental store. This could easily take up most of their Saturday.
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  7. Jake the grass guy

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    i usually try to skip a week to give the new seed and grass to get going. just me.

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