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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MDB, Mar 1, 2004.

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    This is officially my first post- I'v been quietly reading what others have to say for a while now.

    This will be my first season doing lawns. Up until now my business has been snow plowing on large commercial properties only. I have been avoiding getting lawn contracts in the past due to my previous involvement in a family business during the summer months. Well, I'm done with the family business and plan to get into lawns this season. I am trying to avoid residential and am targeting commercial.

    I am currently working on bidding 25 bank branches. They are all seasonal contracts that they want cut every week - whether they need it or not. I don't know what my costs are due to the fact that this is new for me so I can't bid them based on my costs. I will know real quick after the season gets rolling but that won't help me now. What I need to know is what should a legit. lawn business charge per man hour to come up with a price. I don't want to charge scrub prices- however I have nothing else lined up yet and these bank branches would be enough to get me started in the biz. I don't want to over bid these. When I have enough biz, then I can be a little more risky with my bids, but at this point I'm trying to get started.

    BTW, I'm located in upstate NY and any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    One of the main questions I have, and I'm sure other have, is are you going to be working solo. I'm guessing you are going to start out solo but if you get the 25 bank branches you will probably find out that you need help. Having another guy working for you (or multiple people) will raise your costs. I try to shoot for $50 per man hour where I am and no less.
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    ECM LAWN -

    I have others lined up to work with me as a 2 man crew and or with their equipment as a 2nd crew. They will work as little or as much as I need them and will really help get this thing going. They work with me doing snow, and I in-turn help them out in their business when ever possible. My main concern is obviously getting enough work to justify the equipment, cover overhead and make a living. These 25 banks will really be a nice start if I can come up with the magic number.
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    speaking of banks: I have been leery of bidding on banks unless I do banking with them. Wouldn't they be more apt to go with an LCO that does banking with them? Not sure if anyone has every taken this into consideration.
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    Funny you should say that -

    The first thing that the guy in charge of maintenance asked - "are you currently a customer of xxx bank." It just so happens that I am and after he became aware of that he was very cooperative. I wonder what he would say if I wasn't.
  6. Expert Lawns

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    That is why I don't want to bid on any other banks. I'm going to bid on mine this year. There are only 3 in my area, and both myself and my mother do business with them. I know everyone at my branch by name, so that's a nice foot in the door.
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    Make sure you tie into your agreement that you get 1% of the money they take in on the days you are there, LOL ......Sorry couldn't resist. Hope you do well!
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    what bank chain are you trying to get? Evergreen? Trustco? Key Bank? Adirondack Trust? certain ones are far easier to deal with

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