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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Laner, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Laner

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    How do you guys go about bidding a cemetery? I have never bid one before, but have an opportunity to and would like to make sure that I am not under-pricing myself. I measured the approximate size and have a good idea what my chem costs will be, but not sure about the amount of time it will take due to all the stones and such.
  2. gregikins

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    I charge 2x $ compared to an equal size area without obstacals. It is very easy to knock over some stones. Just a slight bump can topple them when they were never properly glued to begin with.

  3. wcheek

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    I priced a cemetary back in the summer for 200\acre, it was a little over an acre and a half but didn't get it. It was nothin but weeds.
  4. naughty62

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    We do one low maintenance cemetery .It was abandant by a church in the 80s .In Iowa I believe all abundant cemeteries revert back the county .Very rarely will you see a outfit on the same cemetery two years in row ,I think they learn their lesson real quick .I would consider showing a charitable contribution on contract or receipt .
  5. MarcSmith

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    The other thing you have to worry about , besides stones getting knocked over. is the fact that you be using a ride on sprayer(multiple fills) or dragging a lot of hose.. Another issue, chemical formulations more specifically colors. IE you don't want to accidentally dye any stones. While newer stones are pretty impervious the older stones can absorb the chems and their colors (I'm thinking traker dyes, liquid fert, surflan, ect)
  6. lawntennis

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    At least double your bid. With all the trim I've found hoses work better than machines but what a pain.
  7. nighthawk117

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    I have been doing one for the last two seasons and will be doing it for at least two more. I have not knocked over any stone nor have I damaged anything there, I bought a Z-SRAY Intermediate for this very reason, the property has a fence running along one side, no other machine can turn around in the space that I can, period. They are willing to pay for the fert package and I totally enjoy doing it, total is approx. 6+ acres with more property to be purchased in the near future maybe.:weightlifter:
  8. Laner

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    Total area including drives is just aver 16 acres. Some areas look to be tuff as the stones are not in a line, they are staggered. But overall doesn't look to be too bad. I think I can get thru most places with my PG. Not sure that I would need to do that much trim as the broadcast setting should allow some overlap between stones. They are looking for only weed control at this time. I would like to talk them into fert, but it is city property and would mean they would be spending more on mowing than they have in the past, but the results would sure make the place look so much better.
  9. lawn king

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    We have 3 cemetery accounts, 1 large,2 small. They each get 1 blanket for post weed control. The weed app is very time consuming as most monuments have flowers and small ornamentals planted around them, you have to figure this into your price if the specs call for post bwc.

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