Bidding help! (60 commercial lawns!)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Let it Grow, May 7, 2003.

  1. Let it Grow

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    I'm processing a bid on a 60 lawn contract for a local college, and I'm wondering what you guys think the monthly price should be. It will include mowing, trimming, and trimming the bushes about two times per season, as well as some weed pulling. Most of the lawns are about 30 minute lawns, but there are about 5 that are about 1 hr and a few that are 15-20 minute. The monthly price I'm looking at is $5,840. Is this anywhere close to a fair price for both of us??? Thanks for the help!!!
  2. hboyd_com

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    So if I figure correctly, you are charging them ~$40/hr, given a 7 day rotation. Only you know what your costs are... if you can live with that go for it.
  3. Angelo

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    This won't answer your questions but something I thought about as I read this post. I don't know how big your company is or how many people you employe but if your solo that is going to be atleast 2 days a week of time spent and that 1 customer could leave in a year or two and leave you with a lot of extra time. If you have employees then adding this account might just mean adding another employee. Then see what the cost of that would be, ie equipment/uniform/insurance etc.
    So basically I think you should make sure you get atleast your normal hourly rate give or take 10% max.
  4. Let it Grow

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    I've got one employee right now, and we do have other residential lawns, and we'll be really working on getting more, and hopefully be able to add another employee and more equipment.
    I am thinking that $40 per hour seems pretty fair. What do you all think? Is this about what you charge for commercial accounts?
  5. rodfather

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    Where I come from, $40 per hour is real cheap...but then again, I don't know your market. About the only thing I would do for $40 an hour would be to pull weeds...and that's if i had nothing else to do at that moment.

    I would think hard and fast about bring on 60 new jobs to service though. That's a hell of a increase over what you're doing now. You get that account, you're gonna know what "growth pains" are all about and in a hurry too.

    Good luck whatever happens.:D
  6. crazygator

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    Mostly around here commercial is a PITA, and so is a higher rate. Always pay when they want to, and never on a time.

    If you cant get at min $45 per hour I would run. Do you know for sure the exact times or are you guessing? You might be way off and this could sink you in a hurry.

    At a rate of $60 or so an hour you could be a whole lot better off.

    I think you need to recalculate.....but thats just me!
  7. fblandscape

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    I don't think I would touch that kind of account for a couple reasons.

    1) it's going to go to the lowest bidder unless it's a private college.

    2) college kids are slobs

    3) college kids love to sue

    4) college kids are crazy and will steal

    5) don't do it.
  8. jvanspro

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    First off I think you accusations towards college students was just uncalled for and unprofessional. I myself am running an honest lawncare service. I'm also in college. You shouldn't base college students as the only thiefs out there. Many Adults will do the same.

    Just my thoughts,

  9. Let it Grow

    Let it Grow LawnSite Senior Member
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    Unfortunately around here $40 per hour is pretty close to what others are charging from what I've seen. I'm new to the business here so I will be doing a little more research.
    It is a private Christian college. I am actually just graduating from here in June. I have about 4 people that are interested in working for me, so if I do get the contract I'll probably hire one.
    All your advice has helped...thanks!!!
  10. Patrick Gleason

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    Give it a go,do your home work,figure it twice ,then have wife or friend go over the bid with you a third time to check if you missed anything.Submit the bid,bid high enough to make the job worth your while,what ever happens just remember you have to jump in the water to learn how to swim,don't fear the big jobs their same as the work your doing now only more area.

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