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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dsaldivar, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. dsaldivar

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    Hi Everyone,
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions, comments or advice you may give.

    I have a commercial prospect I need to bid on because of the hills and slopes the grass area has. Here are some specifics about the property.

    Approx. 3 acres.
    Mostly slopes and hills.
    Not alot of other obstacles.
    Fair amount of trimming to be done.

    Here is the equipment I currently own

    Old 52" Howard Price WB w/sulky ( My work horse)
    36" Lesco WB Hydro. no velky or sulky
    33" Sutech Stealth ( doesn't do hills at all) Can be used on about 4000 Square feet of the property.
    21" Snapper (commercial)
    23 Home owner craftsmen

    Obviously I would do most of the property using the Howard Price and Lesco but their are some hilled areas that are going to require the 21 or 23 inch. About 5000.

    So with this information what would your ball park be??

    Thanks again for any of you that can give me some assistance.

  2. dsaldivar

    dsaldivar LawnSite Member
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    Anyone, Bueller......Bueller
  3. matthew horner

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    i would not bid that prop with that equipment. You would increase your profit with a bigger, faster, z rider. Let an employee use the wb on the hills etc, while you ride the flats.

    I don't feel like I could give you a price that i'd be comfortable with. No advice is better than bad advice.

    I am sure of what I said about the z though.

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