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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ALLFERRIS, Oct 13, 2004.


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    I need some help bidding an apt. complex that is very HILLY. Its rather large in size, but only about 1.5 acres of mowing. Most of that mowing will have to be done with walk behinds because of hills. Also grass areas are spread out in complex. Trimming and blowing will take two people an hour. This guy fired his last company and has me bidding two other large but easier complexes. Any advice so I don't give the work away, but don't want to lose all of it either Thanks
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    take a good hard look at how the water drains. we did one condo complex with some serious hills. they were constantly wet and it was tough to please anybody. the tenants bitched about the ruts and we were using walkbehinds. the grass needed cutting every 4 days and we were cutting once a week which all combined made it one big nightmare, and it was basically a lose lose situation. just make sure you take into account what the property will be like in the wet spring, and add on some serious time for that cause you dont want to get burned. we were in the same scenario as you, we bid a bunch of other condos for the company and agreed to take on this hilly one. we told them this spring we were stopping the maintenance on that condo after maintaining it for 3 years cause we had had it with the problems and headaches. im not saying run for the hills either, just dont screw yourself out of money that youll be putting down in man hours on those rough weeks.

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    Thanks Matt, It looks like it drains pretty well, but in the spring you're right, the grass will be wet alot and some of those hills are pretty steep even with walk behinds. Thanks
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    other than drainage, just take into account the amount of non mower work (trimming and blowing). Walk the course, see what you have as far as islands in the parking lot (if any) can they be mowed with a 21" or just the trimmer? How much blowing is their? just the walks, all lots.

    Their are alot of variables, just plan for them all and price it accordingly, good luck.

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