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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by muxx, Dec 6, 2002.

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    How does everyone go about bidding jobs? We offer the full package ie; mowing, landscaping, snow removal, fertilizer etc... We have been pricing by the job, such as $50.00 per mowing, $300.00 for mulching etc.. How do you go about pricing it monthly, or even yearly?? Or, is this something many clients shy away from? paying a monthly price where the job needs done or not?? I know alot of LCO's in the bigger cities do this and I am very interested in doing so, also. Any input would be great, thanks.
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    price each job seperate then multiply by the number of times you will perform that job.

    then add all jobs together to get cost of servise for that year.

    then divide by 12 and you will have your monthly price.

    If they add services later you will need to revise your contract and payment amounts. just add the cost of the new service to the yearly total, subtract all payments that have been made, then divie new total by the number of months that are left in that year. Same with new accounts, you have to divide their totals from the remaining # of months.

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    I thought about doing the 12 month payment plan thing for next season. But I'm not so sure of it yet. New accounts for the season might want to be lazy payers in the off seson months when they still owe for work already performed. Even at charging for 36 cuts a year you are only getting paid for 3 cuts per month, leaving one to be paid later.
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    The way I figure it is, you will mow a property from 30 to 37 times a year. Look at thr property and see what you would do it for a time. Then multiply it by 30 thru 37 times. After you get your figure divide it by 12 months. Then you have your yearly rate.

    Residential yards I use 30 thru 33 times
    Commercial I use 34 thru 37 times a year.

    Take in consideration where you live and can you get by with this many times a year.
    I live in Texas, 37 is the most I can squeeze out of the year.
    And have a starting figure or you dont leave the house.
    Mine is $35 a yard to start with at least 2 yards to be done for the day or I wait till I have 2 to go do. It doesnt get that bad till October for me.:blob4:

    Toro 155 52"
    Toro 286E 62"
    Toro 287L 72 "

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