Bidding "LAND MINE" potential in Oregon - a lesson for all.

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mdvaden, Jul 21, 2008.

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    A lady emails and calls me from Hillsboro, Oregon.

    Went out for an inititial visit to see their place, hoping to glean some details to prepare a bid.

    Long story short: unprovoked, this lady says that we can't communicate and in a near vicious tone of voice yells at me that I'm a "Moron" - basically kicking me off the property.

    And with no real arguement leading up to a day and night change of character over about a 1/2 minute period of time.

    The reason I decided to post this, is that she has dropped the name of Mr. Radford, who oversees a program at Portland Community College as someone who has been involved with her yard for advice.

    The blueprint she has, is by L. Engstrom, a long time instructor at PCC, and who was a past president of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers.

    This homeowner - Benita I recall, husband David - says she wants to change the plan, which obviously means a large domino effect. Change to layout, plants and trees.

    This yard (I tossed my bid sheet) is near 207th in Hillsboro not far from Evergreen Parkway.

    She seems to be looking on the internet right now. LEWIS, if you are reading this, keep this in mind. And if any other Oregon landscapers get a call, be aware that you may be walking into a fluid situation with unknown variables.

    I encounter several people each year, where we are not on the same communication wavelength. But each of those folks says thanks for taking the time to come out, and if anything, are just dissappointed that a deal can't come together.

    Have not seen any of them - ever - call me a Moron and "give me the boot" aggressively.

    From what I can tell, this couple may also be seeking FREE plants from the Oregon Hardy Plant Society, and appears to have gained free resources through the college.
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    That's weird. I will definitely keep a lookout for those loons. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. topsites

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    Yeah I get a few of them kind too, for the most part it's just sad because I think they're inexperienced as customers.
    So I wouldn't take the aggression personally I think that was just frustration on the customer's part which is a different side effect to the usual disappointment you see but an understandable side effect nonetheless.

    I'm saying instead of being disappointed the customer got frustrated that a deal wouldn't come together. I think for the most part these folks lack a crucial amount of information when it comes to dealing with us, and they find their lack of education and our nonchalant manners about the whole thing frustrating... It's like they might be going about it the wrong way but can't figure out why or how, meanwhile we can't seem to get the point across either so this leads to either disappointment or frustration and that's what I basically think it boils down to.

    Thanks for the heads up thou, because I done got myself
    involved with one or two of them kind of jobs before lol
    Oh yes, oh dear :p
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    Name droppers are always PITAs. They usually feel its a privilege to serve them and expect special treatment. She probably got mad cause you didnt kiss her rear first words. The other thing that sometimes works is being very arrogant and rude. This approach has landed me a few high dollar accounts. Only acted that way because the person was clearly a PITA and I didnt want the job, but by implying that what they currently had was a joke and that we could give them much better but at a much higher price, we landed the job. Usually only works with business owners and cut throat exec types.

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