Bidding Little League Baseball Complex!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Pooners, Feb 14, 2001.

  1. Pooners

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    Hi fellas.....need some advise on bidding a 6-field Little League Baseball Complex. It's a litte "rough" right now. Past service has not aereated, top-dressed etc for several years. Would like to submit bid that includes but not limited to mow, trim, fertilize, aereate, top-dress, overseed, drag the infields, chalk the baselines/battersbox, etc. Used from late March - October virtually every day. Any suggestions or advise on # of applications, additional services needed or bidding would be appreciated. "Thanks in advance".
  2. Michael Fronczak

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    I bid one last year, around same size, was told I was significantly higher than current contractor. They are one of the biggest in area.
    I'm not sure, but I would think Little Leauge would be a non-profit, meaning services may be donated to them, or portions of those services. Meaning this co. may be using it as a tax write-off. I don't know, all I know is I was too high.
    Hope you have better results than I did.
  3. Gtotoy

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    any other comments on this one?
  4. thartz

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    As much as they charge me for my kids to play they shouldn't be non-profit.
  5. xpnd

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    This is a LL field. It is not anywhere close to being considered an athletic field. Remind yourself of that several times during the bid process or you'll bid yourself out of consideration with all the extras that an athletic field demands. Typically LL fields are a place where 18 kids try to hit a ball and don't know which way to run the bases. As long as the grass is short enough to see a grounder, you've probably met the requirements. However keep in mind that this facility probably comes under a myraid of federal and state application restrictions just as schools do. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. Liability, Liability Liability.
  6. brentsawyer

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    How about wondering eyes, wondering eyes, wondering eyes. Now think about this, how many games will be played on those 6 fields during the year and how many eyes will be at those games thoroughout the year. ALOT, TONS AND TONS. I would think that this would be an excellant way to market myself to a specific area with some form of advertisement or just making myself visible. Don't have much info how to help you out on $$ the bid right, but I would see if you could somehow work your name into the complex so that everyone who comes would have to see your name or hear your name. Something like a banner out in left field, or the yearly program could have something in it thanking your company or even having the announcer if there is one thanking your company for making their playing area so beautiful. It seems to me that you couldn't ask for anything better as far as publicity, but make sure that this publicity dosen't of course come as a big cost to you in lost revenue from submitting a low bid. I would find a way to work with them and see what both sides could come up with. My bet is they will stick to whoever is lower but you need to somehow sweeten the deal so that you can be happy with it. Overall, those wondering eyes mean big $$ in less advertising money you would have needed to spend to reach them plus you are getting that on a much higher level.

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