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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by bsuds, Mar 10, 2005.

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    I am going from the residential side of business to the comercial side of business. I have a bid with lonestar steak house tomorrow and wanted some help with the bid. They have about 20 min of mowing and weed whiping. and also have about 90 plants that need trimmed. I know I should charge more than I did when I worked residential but don't know how much more. They want the mowing, trimming, weeding to be seperated on the bill. I know that these businness usually have a monthly budget for landscaping does anyone have any idea on how much it is. And plese let me know if there is a % ratio or something in comparison to residential. Thank you :
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    If it's anything like the Lone Star around here, I would say give me free supper anytime i want it and i will do it for free!!!!!!!! :cool2:
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    We price the jobs similar to residentials, but make sure that you know exactlly what they want. For instances, Parking lot cleaning or trash pickup, only come during certain times of the day, touch-up mulch several times during the year, lots of prunning to keep the place looking its best, etc. All these add to the time and price (we factor these jobs out by the man hour)

    The issue with places like this that I have found is that they may want it to look perfect all day and all week, which may require extra site visits during the week and all year long. Make sure to speak with them and find out really what they are looking for. Of course you could get the other side and they just want it cheap and fast.

    Anyway those are my thoughts.
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    If your market is like ours, don't plan on charging more than you do on residentials... Commercial work is usually a low bidder operation and so many LCO's have been around that the prices they expect are generally in the ground. Plus there is usually a set budget for each store, I assume whoever is on the budget number or under gets it and all others get tossed. I actually received a call from a corperate guy from Target stores once. Told me that they needed a bid for our store and oh, here's what we are budgeted to pay... Actually gave me the $$ figure for the year. It was WAY LOW. I think it adveraged to like $40 a cut and that didn't account for fert and weed spraying! I told him to contact the LCO that was currently doing it and gave him his name.

    It's a little harder to do commercial stuff due to the traffic and parking, generally a restruant like that would be easy, not open till around 11:00 am. Others that are open all the time 7 days a week I imigine are a bear... Make dang sure that what you service is specifically spelled out in your bid. nothing like getting a call in july and they are wondering why you haven't refreshed the mulch in the beds, or december comes and it snows and they call you and ask why you didn't plow? Well, I don't and it wasn't even asked of me when I signed on.

    Too much corporate bs to get paid sometimes too. Like having to possibly take a form into the store and having it signed, stamped, and a checklist of how the work was preformed filled out everytime you are there. Time consuming... And tracking down the 18 year old manager of the month is a bi***. Just my bad experences... Lets not talk about getting paid... (not with lonestar, another fast food place. starts with a B, ends with a ruam's...)

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