Bidding my First Commercial Property?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SDNCLAWNCARE, Oct 30, 2007.


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    I finally got invited to bid on a large commercial property. My gut instinct is not to bid on the job but I at least want to get my feet wet. I would like some help on bidding this piece of property. Thanks in advance. Here are the specifics:
    Grass Cutting 12 acres (Flat)
    Bush Hogging 3 acres (2-3 Times per Year)
    Seeding as Needed
    4"-7" Snow Removal
    Maintain Sprinkler System
    Flower Bed Maintenance (Only Three small Beds) Plus a small Entrance
    Tree Care - About 35 Trees to mulch Twice per year and keep up
    Lime once per year
    Fertilizing - Twice per year. ( I seen a True Green sign while I was looking the place over.)

    This is pretty much it. Where do you even begin?

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    You just did! You know what you have to cover. Figure out the man hours it will take to do each task, each time, add some slop and materials. Then write a bullet proof, iron clad contract to protect your hind side and go for broke.

    Be sure everything is specific, including the little things. Be sure that they (the one person in charge) signs off every time your company preforms its duties. Discrepencies and complains must be in writing, and fixes and adjustments in writing and signed off on.


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    To the Top!
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    My take on it is, you really need 5+ years experience and employees but at the very least you should feel comfortable, if not 100 percent but better than having a bad feeling from the start, more likely than not I would wait on something better to come along.
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    My ? to yoo is, Are you sure you can really handle all this with only one year in business. Do you have the man power, insurance, chemical application permit and all the equipment as well as the know how to handle 12 acre, 3 acre bushhoging, irrigation maintenance, fertilizing, ect.
    If you cant and you try anyway, you will only be building a bad reputation that will haunt you for a long time
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    Dont' forget the one thing that can bite you in the azz on some commercial properties. Garbage??? Is this a concern or not?
    You didn't list chemical weed control but if you have to and you aren't licenced make sure that you can have sub contractors on the jobsite. We don't allow subcontractors on our jobsites without written prior permission and insurance approval.
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    A lot has a lot to with who the bid is for .
    If its for goverment you have charge more because of labor laws & is there a
    tax requirement? Fed. min. wage at leAst in mich. some states have min. gov. wages as wel

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    This is for Stride-Rite Corporation a shoe company. I really don't think I'm ready for this type of job yet. But I would like to put the bid together and learn from it. (Not Submit it). Just for myself, a simple learning experience. Thanks for all of the reply's.


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    This is what I've came up with so far:

    $60.00 per acre x 12 acres = 720.00 per cut
    $720.00 x 30 Wks = $21,600

    Mulching 50 Trees $35.00 per Tree = 1750 per mulching

    Bush Hogging 3 acres = $1000.00 Total for all three acres

    (2) Flower beds = Re-Mulching, New Flowers, Twice per yr.
    $2000.00 each time

    (1) Entrance = Re-Mulched, New Flowers, Cleaned $1500.00 each time (2)

    $21,600 Grass, Trim, Blow Down
    $3500.00 Tree's Remulched 2 times per yr
    $4000.00 Flower Beds, Cleaned, Weeded, Re-Mulched, New Flowers 2 times
    $3000.00 Entrance Cleaned, Weeded, Re-Mulched, New Flowers as Needed
    $3000.00 Bush Hogg 3 acres (3)Times a year

    $35,100 for Total

    This does not include :
    (2) Times fert
    (1) Lime Application
    Snow Removal
    Irrigation System Upkeep.

    Any Help, I'm just throwing some numbers around.

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    TTT More advice please.... I'm open to more info

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