"Bidding" New Com. Landscape Installation

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mcw615, Aug 8, 2011.

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    We are a design / build firm, specializing in just that. Never have had a commercial install client, though I plan to treat them with the same process as I do my residential clients. Received an e-mail late friday afternoon from a large construction company stating they have a project in the making at such and such and inquiring if we would be interested in submitting a bid to install the landscape, I will be one of 5 bidders.

    First, I do not like 'bidding' on the unknown - it sets unrealistic expectations for both the client and contractor. Rather I work with my client base of those who value quality work and professionalism, our new clients hire us for our expertise and not dollar amounts from the start. It al starts with the design phase, which the first consultation involves discussing ideas and establishing a budget to design to meet, and we write a contact to install the project at such amount when we prepare the bid.

    Okay..where I am getting at. How do you handle these Commercial clients who want a bid with no design, who want you to compete with other contractors. I replied and thanked him for his interest in our company, and stated I would love to hear more about the project and discuss the possibilities of establishing a working relationship and to please contact me on my private number.

    I believe I am going to explain what we offer just as I do to those Res. Phone calls we get for 'estimates', and let them make there decision based off that - or recommend they get a design plan from a sole landscape architecture firm and we will be happy to bid from that.

    Just curious for your experience in Commercial landscaping with builders who you do not have an already working relationship...
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    Commercial is cut throat. You will have either a bid set with products and ammounts or you have plans that have been drawn and approved through the city. Usually you mark-up on items is very minimal and then some items your mark up is great. Commercial work is never a satisfying source of work because once installed very few keep with the up-keep or maintence of the job. The jobs usually consist of what needs to please the city in their requirments. Now this is not every case but most.

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