Bidding on 2 Apartment Complex's Need Help Estimating

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by justin9978f, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. justin9978f

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    I will list all the measurements and the equipment and man power being used.
    This is for 2 apartment complex's ran by the same company. The only requirments for me to bid is for Mowing, Trimming, Blowing. Edged 1 time a month. I need help with the time to do the job and also what should i bid this at? Photos attached below & the job is in SW Michigan.

    Complex 1:
    171,887 Sq Ft (Mow)
    2400 Sq Ft (Trim)
    1413 Sq Ft (Edge 1x Month)

    Complex 2:
    224,945 Sq Ft (Mow)
    5558 Sq Ft (Trim)
    77457 Sq Ft (Edge 1x Month)

    2-60 inch Lazer Walk Behind
    1-48 inch Lazer Sit Down

    3 man crew

    Complex 1.jpg

    complex 2.jpg
  2. NaturalIntegrity

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    Go to the manufacturer's website and find out how many acres/hr each machine will cut, then using the turf area you can calculate approximately how long it will take to cut. Same theory applies to the trimming and edging except you need to estimate linear feet/hour to figure out how long they will take. From experience, add some time to the numbers you come out with. Apartment/condo complexes seem to have something slow you down every week.
  3. JB1

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    wow, they mow the projects more than that.
  4. BPS##

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    Nice sized properties.

    Walk them and try to get an idea how long it'll take your crew. Keep in mind that your fuel expenses for the day will be lower because you aren't driving around town.
    Use that to your advantage if you really want the job.
  5. jsslawncare

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    I told my brother-in-law about this and he went by the gps and is going to submit a bid tomorrow.

    P.S.- Are you really going to be trimming in sq ft? And I know you're not going to be edging in sq ft. That would be linear. If you do get the bid change the direction of mowing. You can count the number of passes in the 1st picture. Good-Luck.
  6. cpllawncare

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    I'd be trading those WB's for standers or sit downs for sure. Remember that is going to be a bear once a month, I have Apt's also, I never service less than three times a month.
  7. Glenn Lawn Care

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    Figure out how long it will take the 3 man crew to mow this...go by the hour per man.
  8. lawns4life

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    You guys are reading wrong. There's a period between blowing and edged, meaning that it is edged 1 time a month, which means it is probably mowed every week not 1 time a month also..
  9. jaybow

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    I don't do commercial but, I say complex 1 -$140 and complex 2- $200. I think you will be surprised how low they go for.
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  10. jaybow

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    How many hours do you estimate them taking you? Complex to does look like a monster, so I'm probably low, but I know you just don't get what you would expect on projects like these.
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