Bidding on 260k that hasn't ran in 6+ yrs

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    Not being able to actually fire up two ?1994? models what would you bid for these mowers. One has1072 hr. and the other has 974 hr. . These were maintained, or lack there of, by Cessna Aircrafts maintenance dept. There is old gas in the mowers, flat dry-rotted tires and they never actually went through lay-up procedures. I have talked to a tech rep at Hustler and he told me what needed to be done to get them up ad running. I figure it will cost around $250.00 to do what was told me by the rep. Last year new the mowers went for 8-9K. With the age, hours, and not being able to fire them up, not to mention the reconditioning cost of $250.00, I am just not sure what they are worth or how much to bid. Does anyone have any thoughts/comments?
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    Without looking at the units, it is very hard to say what to start at.
    Is there a chance you can get us a few pics ?
    You can e-mail them to me @
    Do these units have a manual deck lift or are they hydraulic ? in 94 we were just changing those units over to hydraulic lift and we put 22hp Kohlers on them compared to older units that were 18 or 20 hp and manual deck lift.
    Do these units have catchers ?
    Get me some model and serial #'s off the id tag also, then I can tell you how old they are.

    Let me know


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