Bidding on 5 Duplex / 4Plex properties as 1 account also need bid form


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Lakeland, FL
Hey guys, first actual bid... sort of.

Story goes, a family member owns a realstate company in town.. pretty big one if i must say and a great contact to have. He is handing me all new accounts, such as this one.

So, someone called in for property management and he is having 2 others bid on it that they have used, to give me a general number. maybe kind of rude but helping me... not sure how to take it other than a learning experiance.

anyways, 5 locations pretty much near each other. 2 4plex's and 3 duplexes.

what i need is a bidding form for this. because it is not one property, i need to be able to add multiple and have different prices per location. could someone help me with this? PM it to me or post here.