Bidding on 7 acre mow in Northeastern PA. Use there equipment.


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Northeastern PA
I had seven acres to mow here in NE PA and I used there equipment.
Some of it was very wet, most of it easily drivable with the rider.
Had to go over wet spots 2-3 times to get it where I felt it was acceptable.(about 1 acre parcel) I was offered 150 dollars every time I mowed the 7 acre parcel. Sometimes it took me 2 days, Keep in mind- i was using there equipment. Old rider with a 40 inch deck.There gas.My weed wacker- and cut all the weeds around the entire perimiter also.
Ya have to start somewhere.
So lets say I have my own rider now. Where should I be priceing this?
looking for entry level rider also. Any advice on this would be great thank you. Signed Green with envy.
Thank You Mtngoat


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Syracuse NY
Mtngoat, I think you got ripped off!!! You say it takes you all day so I'm assuming that that's about seven to eight hours a day, so that's only about ten dollers an hour!! Please Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think thats a little low.


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Around $320 is where I would price it unless there is an excessive amount of trimming.

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