Bidding on a 130 home subdivision

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mmonte4, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. garrettlawn

    garrettlawn LawnSite Member
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    if all you wanna do is mow and not walk around and trim, than your in the wrong business. and besides, it's the detailed work like trimming that people really notice, not the mowing. i'm only 23 and been in business for many years. u don't wanna get to big to quick. start off small and then build from there. and it is hard to find good help. someone you can depend on. but you can't get lazy in this business. you have to work hard.
  2. PbInvestor

    PbInvestor LawnSite Member
    Messages: 20

    So some stuff may go wrong. It is still OK. there is a HUGE margin for error, provided he does it himself.
  3. martinfan06

    martinfan06 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Dealing with a HOA I think the margin is pretty small.
  4. Turf2NV

    Turf2NV LawnSite Member
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    As an outsider to the Lawn Care guys (I'm on a golf course) I have been reading this thread with a lot of interest because I am always looking at ways to make more money with my education & experience. I have looked at the same situation you are presenting here. There are 2 ways to look at this situation, and your posts have not clarified what your plans are.

    Is this to become your full time job, or on the side of your current employment? As a full time job and only source of income this job alone would not provide enough gross income to really be worth it in my opinion. The guys on here that do this full time work hard, and fill the entire week with as many cuts like this as they can to make it work.

    As a side job this may be a great start, I would try to do it so I would have all the start up costs paid off at the end of the year, and make money on year 2. Since you are keeping your "real job" you don't need the money to live on this year, and next year you will see the increase pay off for your work.

    The biggest issue with your post was the comment about labor. I supervise a crew of 27 guys so I understand what labor is out there in this type of industry. If you can not work the guys at least 40 hours a week you will struggle to find help that will show up after the first day if at all. Good workers will not sit around for the one or two days that this job would give them, they will find a job with someone cutting 6-7 days a week.

    The current company takes 44 man hours to complete this job, without seeing the site (post a few pictures here please) it is tough to see what it would take, but I doubt that you could shave more than 10 hrs off the job, Lawn guys are good about maximizing time working, that is how they make a profit.

    My advise is you and your buddy, and maybe a high school kid in the neighborhood do this as a side job and use this year to break even, and make money next year. Otherwise find yourself 7 more accounts like this and hire 3 guys full time and hold on for a rougher first year.

    I don't know if the HOA will like you cutting on the weekend, so can you keep your job and cut on day M-F? I know that you have had some harsh replies, but the details on your plan are scarce, and your thoughts about only riding are not really acurate to how this job would happen. If it was I would be starting at 6:00 am on lawns instead of 4:30am on the golf course.
  5. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
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    If all I know is that I did not grease the path by encouraging you to go for it with a 1695 / cut bid, then I can sleep at night knowing that I did not intentionally tell you something that I myself would not do. Because to me, if I wanted to cut out the competition I would tell you to go for it, but the way I normally do it is I simply give no answer, so I didn't make it worse by slippering up the slide lol.

    Because that's the thing, if all they want is cheaper than 1770 / cut, why do it for 1600 when you can get at least 1725 for it, but my problem with the entire scene is that it's really none of your business to know the 1770 figure and the fact that you do know it makes this whole deal smell. That's beside the fact you really need more experience, I was told 3-4 years, idk...

    Which, that's a lesson I had to learn the hard way last year, and I think they tried to tell me but I don't remember and that probably means I wasn't listening lmao. At least it was my 5th year thou, and I still got took to school.

    But, I did learn.
    And I do agree, you won't succeed if you don't take chances.
    But if that's the case then please be careful, and good luck. (is that considered greasing?)

    btw, quite the amusing thread, I lol'd
  6. Regular Joe

    Regular Joe LawnSite Member
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    Sounds like a man with a direction...I like this method best as well.

    but, 5 guys @ $9.00 = $45.00 x 8 hrs = $360.00
    Equipment and trailer payment = ?
    Insurance = ?
    gas per trip = ?
    travel time per trip = ?
    equipment service charges and supplies (i.e. blades, string, tires, etc.) = maybe add 2% of the total bill to be safe
    Remember, operational costs of business is cell phones, gas, labor, insurance, equipment, etc. so be carefull to know what it will actually cost you before you decide on how much money you will be making.

    Just my 2 cents.
  7. Total.Lawn.Care

    Total.Lawn.Care LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yep, Me to. Cut my daddy's grass and my grass for a total of 20 years before starting my business. Never before (in all of that 20 years) have I done my trimming the way I do now. The detail and the edging that you can do with it is amazing. Daddy did not teach me, HOA president did nto teach me, it was EXPEREINCE......

    Takes a while to get it, then you can call yourself a professional. Your HOA wants to hire a proffessional.......
  8. LushGreenLawn

    LushGreenLawn LawnSite Silver Member
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    I wonder ho old this kid is?
  9. MarcSmith

    MarcSmith LawnSite Fanatic
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    you forgot about Taxes.....:)
  10. blakeg314

    blakeg314 LawnSite Member
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    he called it a weedwedger! hahahahaha lmao
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