bidding on a 28 store account, could use some advice.

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    Is there anyone that has an account with like twenty plus stores. small stores like a mcdnalds. I have never bidded on any thing like this ever before. And I have a great chance on landing this chain account, If I have my ducks in order. There are 28 stores that will need weekly lawn maintenance, shrubs and all greenery trimmed as needed, mulch in the spring and fall, 4 fert treatments. I am assumeing 39 visits for the year. (29 visits april thru the end of oct..and two visits per month on the off season). If anyone has currently a simular contract or has had in the pass....Could you please help me on how to price this and help me with what ball park of a price would help me land this baby! All help from contractors that have contracts of this sort would be apreciated...Thanks, Shane Nelson
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    depends on your market. i had a chain of about 42 cvs's with the same set-up but included weeding the beds all year also, averaged about $45 per week per store. Had to drop them cause the stores were too spaced apart so be sure they are relatively close.

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    you mulched, fertalized, mowed and trimmed shrubs for 45.00 a visit..was that 45.00 per visist or 45.00 every week for 52 weeks
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    I might be able to help if you have a email address I can send you some info. I have a large account 86 locations I started out with 20 accounts with them 3 years ago. most of the time each location has a budget that you need to be in. post your email and I send you my phone # I might be able to help you out.

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    Who will you be working for? If it's a national management company, are they paying you for your work. I still waiting to be paid for work I did last year for a national company. Do your homework, make sure timely payment will not be an issue.

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    Dont be too quick to give them a discount. Treat them like they are all separate accounts and maybe give them a couple % discount if they can all be billed on one account. Otherwise your overhead and labor will be the same as they are for everything else. And dont be afraid to ask what the payment arrangements are. I landed a $19,000 account last summer with 5 locations and I am still waiting for $12,000 of that money. BE CAREFUL
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    Good point 665, i was always getting paid like 2 months late so maybe try and talk to somebody who's done sub work with them before

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