Bidding on a landscaping job

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Kleen Kutz, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Kleen Kutz

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    How would you bid on a landscaping job? Would you bid so much per hour or on how big the job is? Do you add it in with the lawn service or job give them a separate invoice?:confused:
  2. drenchedlawn

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    Hi. Two invoices. Lawn Care and Landscape. Factor in your head hourly plus materials where you feel your going to land BUT factor in what you need to make as well. Then invoice. I bill out 80 dollars for a crew of 2 plus materials UNLESS Im not going to make what I need then I simply bill what I need. Remember, one thing worse than not working is working for free :)
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    There are countless threads already on this same topic. use the search feature. Here's something that should be required reading...

    Take the time to read PROCUT1's post #1, it's very informative.

    Not to be an a$$, but this is something you need to figure out before you try to run with the "big boys" that you see driving around town in their fleets of new trucks. The key to getting new business is NOT to lowball! You'll end up working for free and you'll hate your life. Seriously, you will.
  4. drenchedlawn

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    Its only taken me 6 months to understand what your saying. It is so clear. Nobody wants to work when you know you could be making a lot more. This is what causes burnout and at the same time undercuts the pro's who have too much invested to just give up like the luxuries of newbies,..well put Joseph. Im North of you in Dallas. Nice website and credentials.

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