Bidding on a new account, never done this before.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by twstate, Apr 8, 2002.

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    hello first let me start I guess by saying I have already been reading diffrent threads through the search function. I should also tell you that in reading some, there seems to be a lot different pricing in Vermont then in most of your areas, depending on who and what the jobs are for people around here work for as little as $12.00 to 35 or $40. Maybe it is because of the market and there is a lot of people mowing and landscaping in the general area.
    anyway, I have been doing lawns my self and working for another company the next town over on my "days off" from my 40 hr job for 10 + years now. between mine and theres we have 40 accounts, some have been accounts for my friend since 1981!! so we have the residenial area covered. my question and concern is, I have a chance to bid on a job from the town it consist of 2 cemetery jobs (Rather good size to), a hand full of small traffic medians and a lawn at the town hall. I have read and kept my self awake at night going over this and coming up with ways to do it and etc etc. there will be a mandatory meeting in a couple of weeks to get the exact job descriptions. the job is from July 2002 to june 2004. and the bid must be broke down by each job. I have never bid before nor have i done a cemetery, usually we/I have someone call, and I go and tell them a price and they ask "when can you start" or get the H@@@ out of here your crazy:D !!
    so I don't make this any longer can anyone give some advise so I may sleep at night for the next few weeks, on what I should do and how to do it.

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    Bid it high. To get a real good feel for this cemetary job, take a walk through it. Within a few minutes you'll get a feel for it. Alot of trimming around all the tombstones, markers, etc. Trust me, bid it at a price that you think is too high. I bet you'll end up getting it. I know around here, many of the lawncare guru's will not even bid these jobs. But the ones that do this work make good $ - and earn every penny.


    Steve Parsons
  3. Lord i wouldnt bid a cemetery its my superstious scottish nature.
    Im not saying dont bid they probably pay great ,but every time id see all them graves and tombstones id get the shakes thinking about all them dead folks.
  4. All accounts are the same, size will very.

    Devide it in sections, then add all the section prices up and whala bid.

    Keep in mind the extra work like trash pick up, and extensive trimming and blowing.
  5. AltaLawnCare

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    And the flowers, and grave decorations too!

    Don't price it by the job, but by how much time it should take. ;)
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    I'm with Odin, cemetarys frighten me...

  7. klc

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    My concern for you is if it is only for 2 years you have this job are you planning to buy more equipptment-- and if you loose the job can you still pay for the equiptment???? dont be afraid to bid it but remember who pays the bills???
  8. twstate

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    :cool: just wanted to thank everyone for there replies so far, this was my first. I am amazed at the quick reactions.:cool:
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    Why not take a hint from the used car buyers that attend the sealed bid auctions. Many of times the girl in the front office
    appreciates a well placed c note.

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