Bidding on another LCOs own lawn.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by chefdrp, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. chefdrp

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    I live in a small turist town Called Bemus Point NY. and have tons of Ohio people that have cottages and second summer homes here. Well Ran into a possable client that owns a large landscape company in Columbus. Have any of you smaller guys ever mowed at another LCOs house? The owner is a CLP. I would love to mow and learn some things from this guy. The company is called Fiveseasons landscapes. What do you guys think of this idea/ For a guy young in the bussiness i think this is a good opp. por me.
  2. LwnmwrMan22

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    I've hired other people to do my own yard / landscaping as well. Just flat out don't have the time.
  3. grass_cuttin_fool

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    This summer I was mowing a conveinance store and a man approached me and ask me to take care of his daughters property. It was too far for him to make the trip and pull a trailer for 1 yard and he had no desire to set up a route in this area. He said that he had been looking at others work and liked mine the best.
    I think its a good opp for you, dont take this wrong, but maybe the guy will give you honest answers and you can key in on the strong points and if you have any weakness to help improve them. I am in NO WAY implying you do bad work.
    I replied to a thread the other day and the guy had a weird nickname (dixhead) and some one dinged me a bad point and signed it " that was uncalled for". I dont care what any one does far as the points go but i dont want anyone to think I am calling people names
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  4. pfifla1

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    i did a LCO's yard a while back, they are very particular, cause i think everyone has their own style, but over all it worked out for both of us.. just another customer.
  5. chefdrp

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    Grass cutting Fool... Thats what i was hoping someone would say. I like when someone points out a bad thing that i am doing. Thats how to learn. Thats why i would like to do his yard. He comes to my little town to relax and dosent want to have to mow.
  6. Up North

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    Go for it Chef. Wouldn't look bad as a reference either. If I was a customer looking for an LCO and you told me a fairly large LCO from another area has you maintain his vacation home I'd be pretty impressed. Just hope he doesn't turn out to be a PITA... :D

  7. Mico Landscaping design

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    was at the gas station,... this guy own's his own landscaping company... says did not have time... so we did it.. He said he's getting other one's cuz no time for any more... so ya its cool to cut another landscaping company's house :waving:
  8. Mark McC

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    I'm with Buck on this. In any case, a customer is a customer. To be frank, at some point, I expect I'll hire someone to do my lawn 'cause I really don't want to mess with it myself. The plumber's faucets always leak, right?
  9. chevyman1

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    He probably is having you bid to better understand what your market can withstand in terms of pricing. I invited 3 LCO's over to my house before I started this year to see how they charged and then used the median as my pricing module. I looked at the kind of equipment they used and made my decisions based on a lot of their experience.
  10. MMLawn

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    No, chevyman most people wouldn't use these and the other underhanded tactics (admitted approaching other LCO's customers & asking what they pay and then lowballing that LCO) to get business that you freely admit, heck even brag about using. :angry:

    I myself have in the past used (and may again) a different LCO to do my lawn as I found that given the time it takes I could actually make money by paying someone to do my lawn while I did my customers.
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