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    If anyone could possibly help by giving some advice on this type of bidding. How would you go about pricing? We have never done any type of sealed bidding and was wondering the best way to go about it. We are a small company in business for about 5 years but have never really tried to jump in with the big competition until this year. Any suggestions ? Thanks
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    if it is a public property, then you can go to city admin offices and ask what the city is currently paying for it. we did the parks a couple years ago here, but it wasnt worth it. in fact, the bids were twice as high ten years ago. too many desperate lawnboys now. good luck.
  3. echovalley

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    What you think its worth then divide by 2 then minus 20% should put you within range
  4. twj721

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    I have a mowing contract with the city here this is my 4th year and so far I have managed to get it on a per hr bases and it works good it is about 40 hrs of work thsi is one of my major customers during the winter we clean the lots up that the city has put a tax lien on and have got then as city owned lots Good luck with them only down side is is usually 45-60 days after you turn bill in before you get your money
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    go to your towns website and look under the purchasing dept and it will list all open contracts that are up for bid. there is almost always something for mowing.

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    look to get around $30 an acre for these type of jobs .
  7. work_it

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    I've had opportunities to bid on city and state properties. From my experience the previous comments are right on the money. I don't waist my time on them anymore.
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    We make out real nice on city work here. I was trying to use zeros when we started and that was my biggest mistake. We use a wide area mower on just about all of it now and do well. Not profit like cutting good comm or res, but only one phone call every two weeks, and we are paid in 4-5 days after inv.
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    i wish. its half that here. the earlier equation is quite accurate, but still on the high side.
  10. LwnmwrMan22

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    Obviously it's going to be a cheaper rate than normal residential / commercial properties.

    It's far less work.

    You have wide open property, usually, with no edging, and very little trimming.

    You can mow and trim 4 acres in an hour. When you get your ZTR promotional packets from the dealer, go to the back and it says "mows 4-6 acres / hour" this is the stuff they're talking about.

    This is where acreage price doesn't work, because you can mow a 3 acre park faster than you can mow a 2 acre city lot with tons of landscaping / pool / fences.

    If you're charging $50 / acre, and get $150 for the park, are you only going to charge $100 for the city lot that you have to spend 2 hours doing since you're going to have to edge, trim, mow with a small 21" push mower since the back yard is too small even though it'll take you the same amount of time hour wise?

    I'll glady mow for $25-30 / acre on a park / school system, it's very easy mowing and there's usually a fair amount of acreage.

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