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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by s&wlawncare, Oct 21, 2004.

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    I have been in the buisness for about 4 years now and do about 40 residential accounts regularly. My question is how do you bid commercial properties (what format are the actual documents you give them, how do you know when to give bids, how do you know what to include on the bid, etc). I do 2 commercial accounts now, but they were pretty much handed to me and i am wanting to branch out into more commercial this next year. ANY HELP WILL BE APPRECIATED!!
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    If you inherited two of the commercials - what do they pay, and is that the norm in your area. If that is true, you already have the tools to bid more.
    In my area, wide open acres bring a lot less than 10-15K residentials.
    You need to have equipment to do bunches of acres per hr. on the wide open big lots ( 20 acres) because those people are not going to pay $60 per acre - more like $15. Thanks Brad
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    I had almost the same question lastnight that I posted on here, had to give a bid on a very large church today, what I did, to everyones advice, walk the property, get a feel for the time its going to take you and figure in your expenses, gas, insurance, etc etc and go from there, it took me a little while but they seemed pretty positive about the bid and I'll be making a good profit so we'll see...

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