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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cntryboymc, Jan 7, 2004.

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    im considering taking my business to a full time operation.i was woondering what is the best way to approach bidding on commercial properties such as gas stations,restaurants,etc.thank you!
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    i hate to jump right out and say this, but i suggest using the search this topic has been discussed many times before.
  3. Those are "store front" commercial properties. They're as much about litter control as anything. I won't look for work there, but if you want to, just walk in the front door. You really don't want the ones handled at the corporate level, because they often want you to travel the state to their different stores. That's not too profitable.
    Ask for the manager. And don't get discouraged. You'll get a lot of rejection. But there's as many different ways of handling the lawn account as there are different managers.

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    I just asked this question last week. There was a lot of good information posted. Definately do a search and find it. Good luck.
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    Yes trash removal should be big consideration and always always walk properties with the person in charge of grounds and notate all damages caused from previous LCOs or you may get the blame latter down the road. Ive seen damages to fences, dents in metal buildings, downspouts and sprinkler heads left from other LCOs. Oh yea, consider cars in parking lot close to lawn areas also.

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