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bidding on commercial properties


LawnSite Member
:confused: i have never bid on any property that is commercial i am going to try to target some commercial properties this season i would like to know if there is any software or advise forum that would tell me how to bid on the lawncare, hedge trimming, tree pruning, flower planting, fertilizing etc. i dont want to over or under bid......... thanks for reading

Norm Al

LawnSite Bronze Member
tampa, florida
so what your asking is,,,,"is there anybody out there that will help create me as their competitor?"

not likely,,,,just remember big jobs are just a bunch of little tiny jobs rolled up into one! break them down,,,,price them seperately and then put them back together!


go down to your local lawn mower shop ask around for everybodys prices then deduct 30% from there price and turn in a bid!:)


LawnSite Senior Member
No offense Al but thats how you piss off alot of companies for that very reason, Lowballing. If Ive heard it once if heard it a thousand times "You will only hurt yourself in the long run buy undercutting the competition. Is it really worth the 30,40,50% lower than everyone else? Will you make it through til next year?"

When I started and went to give bids I too would under bid people. Then I would follow up to see if they wanted my services and you know what, someone else came by and underbid me!Thats when I knew I had to set myself apart, charge what I was worth and things would come to me, like commercial accounts.

I'm not trying to preach but I too was on the other side of this post. This business takes time to grow (lol), it will pay off! Scott


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Charleroi P.a
There is no easy answer to bidding commerical, every contractor has different price strategys. business overhead for one, manhour cost, what type of equipment you use, insurance, commercial bidding requires common sense just like bidding res. its all the same. If your trying to ask do most lco charge higher rates then on res? I would have to say yes and no. just remember if you think comm. accounts pay better then res. that is not always true. I have been doing comm. and res. for 10 years or better cemetarys, industry sites, churchs,real estate & insurance offices. Do i make more money on comm. depends on what the client wants and expects. But i will tell you that i have higher prices on some res. propertys then i do comm. bottom line is ther are no set prices in stone to do these services. knowledge and experence helps...


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boise idaho
Find out what services they want and then itemize the costs for each service provided. If they need anything else done that you notice looks bad, list it on another page with your prices. This keeps your total bid price lower but lets them know about the things that can be improved. Also if they don't mention things like sprinkler maintenaince or fertilization make sure they are having this done otherwise they may be very disapointed in your service.