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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cajunboy, Jan 30, 2005.

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    I now have two contracts for a grocery chain. They are going to one company for all of there stores in the area. It would be five store locally and 4 or 5 stores 1 hour away and 1 of the 5 is 1.5hours away. This is my second year in the business and I am a solo operator. If I get the jobs I will hire one person. Here is the question. Is it worth bidding on this contract having to drive this far to service an account. I would hate to drive an hour away and when I get there its raining. that would suck. They would be cut once a week and twice a month during the winter. The thing I am struggling with is I live in an area where they are building hundreds of houses within miles of my house and I bought 5000 door hangers and was ready to go full force this year in residental. I am afaid if I take on 9 grocery stores it would limit me doing these residentals. The other thing I forgot to mention is I used to be a manager for this grocery chain for 11 years and I quick last year. I am good friends with the guy who is accepting the bids and making the decision. So they are pretty much mine if I want them. Any advise would be appreciated
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    Prior to your bidding, why not get in contact with an LCO in the area where the other stores are and see if they will subcontract for you if you get the accounts? Being a solo operator, it seems it would be difficult for you to do these all yourself.. unless you set two days a week to do them. The local ones one day, along with some residentials, and the ones that are the long distance ones on another day. Or maybe schedule the long distance ones for a Saturday.
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    good advice. or you could have some growth and have 2 crews. You and someone for the grocery stores and 2 others for resi's once it gets to that. Obviously, you and your helper do as much as you can until you get overwhelmed.

    Just make sure the commercial work is worth doing. Time is money. But a solid couple of grand a month sure would help to smooth the cash flow out.

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