Bidding Options:Per Cutting, Monthly, or Mowing Season???


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Bolivar, MO
I did a little searching, and didn't find anything that covered my question. I'm thinking of commercial or non-residential properties here. There are three churches within a couple of miles of my home, and all have probably a couple of acres of green stuff. I would like to have a shot at getting at least one of them, but don't know whether to bid on a per cutting basis, or give them a monthly or seasonal rate, billed monthly. What is the opinion of some of you guys with more experience? Thanks, Neill.


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Jackson, MO
In dealing with churches, in particular, they are probably going to want a per season bid since they operate using annual budgets.


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I bid on a church for the coming season through one of my residential customers who is involved there. I gave them a per mow price and would bill them monthly. I don't have alot of experience in the commercial/non-residential area..but that's what I did! ps. season isn't quite here yet so I haven't heard back!! Z