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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by BrixleyTrader, Dec 24, 2018.

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    Hello everyone! My name is Frank I live in Florida. I use to work for a hardscaping company installing pavers and retaining walls. With my knowledge installing pavers I decided to join my family business and grow our business even more. So I was hoping the professionals can help me out, I was wondering what do professionals charge installing pavers. I understand that there are a lot that goes into pricing such as time, the slope of the yard, materials, and etc. I assume the range of price runs from $8-$12 per sq ft. Any advice or support would be greatly appreciated and would mean a lot. Thank you and happy holidays!
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    I don't remember reading many people here charging that low of a price. Do a search into past threads you will find what you need. In Canada I'm around $17-25
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    We are generally 14 to 18 for medium size job that has slandered patterns.
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    Everyone's costs are different and every job is different. You need to calculate the cost of the materials you have to buy for the job, the total # of labor hours you will have to spend to get the job done x your labor rate, your cost of equipment used to get the job done, add what you need to cover your overhead, and finally add some profit. We can be anywhere from $16 - $65 per SF for paver installation.
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