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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by lawn guy 300, Jul 11, 2010.

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    Lawnguy300: Maybe you can see an answer here through some of the sarcasm.
    When you are first starting, chances are slim that you could land commercial jobs.
    Many companies which bid out their jobs will be looking for experience, equipment, substantial insurance. I have even had companies ask for financial and credit references.
    Maybe you could tell us what "commercial" means to you. Are you talking about local businesses or apartment complexes or government (local, state) or corporate headquarters or fast food restaurants or what.
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    the best way to get your name and what your doing out there is to get churches,vol fire dept,and even residental.always do great work even if you under bid the job dont let it show in your work.i never consider a job done until im proud to be seen mowing it.
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    I love your name, HA!
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    I started contracting my own services commercial and residential when I was 21...20 years later I'm still at it. My general knowledge came from trade school and working a few years first for somebody else. If you want it bad enough, you can have it. When your young, you need to learn to accept a lot of NO's, before you will find a YES. Persistence counts.
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    We got our first commercial customer by mowing the owners neighbors lawn. We did good work and the owner hired us to cut his lawn, the following year we got the business. Over the past few years we have gotten a lot of work just by doing what we say we will do.
    Don't be shy about walking into a place and asking to talk to the property manager or the owner. Just ask for the opportunity to bid, and be prepared to answer questions about your services.
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    Good Luck with your buis. Its a tough one to get rich but the job is rewarding.

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