Bidding Question ?????


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when you guys talk about charging $55.00 or $60.00 an hour. How many people is that for?<br>Is it just for yourself? how do you figure for a helper ??


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If it is a first time bid I &quot;price shop&quot; over the phone to find the range. I just did a bid for mulch, labor only was per man/per hour. If you are a fast worker or conditions are good no rain-70 degrees you could bid by the yard. <br>I'm still learning the landscape bidding end and there are some pros out there.<br>For a mowing bid you should have an idea of the market in your area and also know how much it costs you to put the mower on the property then add some profit. Its a constant learning experience with me but I have become more comfortable over time. <br>Use the search function in the forum for additional info. Good Luck.

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