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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turf Dancer, Feb 27, 2004.

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    I need help I am bidding a school district for the year April through October. 8 schools, 1 district office, 2 little league fields, 1 High School field, and a football field. Mowing and Trimming each week. These are in 4 different towns. 2 are 10miles apart and they are 50 miles from the other two.

    Town 1 has
    Schools that are as follows; 4.75 acres, 10.25 acres, 2 acres,

    Town 2 has
    Schools that are as follows; 27 acres, 7.25 acres, 2 acres

    Town 3 has
    Schools that are as follows; 2.5 acres, 5.5 acres
    High School football field, High School Baseball field, 2 little league fields.

    Town 4 has the district office which is 1 acre.

    I need a bid for the lawn mowing and trimming on these for 1 time per week for April through October. 31 weeks.
    I am thinking overall acres 69 total !

    I also need a bid on these for weed control for the same length of time. I use I sub for this ! What should it be ?

    The Mowing will be per month cost $
  2. specialtylc

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    Its impossible to bid something without seeing it. Way too many varriables. No one on this site can give you a realistic dollar amount on per acre basis. Were these bid out last year. If so you can ask to see previous bids. Being goverment contract its public record. This would give you a ball park figure to work with.
  3. mow2nd

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    why are so many people asking other people how to bid on properties? I personally have to look at a property to give a proper bid. I'm kinda getting tired of people posting bids......if you can't do it yourself, leave the job to a professional

    Thats all I have to say about that
  4. bayfish

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    That's why we have a forum, Forest.
  5. gogetter

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    Are you kidding me?!?! You've only been here for 10 days!!!!!:rolleyes:
  6. Turf Dancer

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    To the idiots that ask why others ask for help on Lawnsite

    The reasons why are as follows. Because some of us are in areas that don't have many of these type of properties to bid. Therefore we have never bid them before so we don't have any prior knowledge of how to go about bidding something of this size, This is the only School District in the area to start contracting out its lawn maintenance. I don't know if this was put out to bid last year. Bids are due in 10 days and the contact is on vacation until a day after they are due. I got the notice in the mail today to bid on it. If we have never bid on anything of this size it is because we have never had the chance before. We are in a small county under 75,000 population and the county that the bid is for is under 20,000 population. The closest metropolitan area is 200 miles away. We don't have many properties over an acre around here to bid. To my knowledge this is the largest single contract within 3 counties either direction.

    So mow2nd if you don't have anything to say that is helpful in regards to this thread then do us all a favor and keep your stinking mouth shut ! People come here for help not to be ridiculed by idiots that only want to complain about other peoples threads, and one more thing just because no one in this area has never had the chance to bid on something this large before doesn't't mean we are not professionals !!!
  7. big cat

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    I do work for a small school district in Ohio(700 total students).
    It's not near the size you are bidding, I mow only about 8acres in two different towns four miles apart. I was the softball coach for 11 years and three years ago we finally got our new field built. I didn't like the way the lco was taking care of my field so I told him I would do it myself. The guy bitched and moaned every year about the contract and tried to mow as little as possible to justify his low bid of $6000.00, said it was only grass, who cares as long as it gets mowed. After taking care of the sb field for a year on my own , the school board asked me to bid their grounds the following year, so I did. Eight bids recieved, I was the fifth highest at $9000.00. Two others between $9500.00 & $10000.00 and one up around $13,000.00. Of course, the other guy bid his usual $6000.00. To make a long story short I got the bid barely. Because I wasn't the cheapest a couple of board members felt they had to take one of the lower bids, so the vote was 3to 2 for me. The following year the vote was 5-0, and this year they didn't even bid it out, just told me to turn in my price and even signed a two year contract. After the extra work they ask me to do around the grounds now I make about $17000.00 a year from this contract. I apologize for the long post, which is also my first, but this is how I got started in the business and I love it. I learn alot from this forum and I'm starting to look at expanding so I can quit my full-time that I hate so much. Not sure how much this helps Turf Dancer, but it was fun doing my first post anyhow!
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    So I'm wondering why nobody has yet to answer your question?
  9. PLI1

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    Be careful here, some school districts in my area only allow mowing before or after classes which means you may be working goofy hours and weekends do get them done.
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    TURF DANCER .........You are less than 200 miles from a metro area. Doesn't the Tri Cities count. How many Lawn co. in area. I'm just currios.

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