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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by firelwn, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. firelwn

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    I give the customer an 18 month warranty, pay for ins, fuel repairs etc... I have 20% water mix with sand and still make money. Here in Michigan where I am people don't spend money like its water. Plus we get snow here, people have to remove the snow and usually use plows to do that. So to answer your comment I'm good thanks... Along with the other guys comment. I also do NOT lower my price for anyone.... I have to make a living too. There are 2 companies around me that water there loads down and dont apply sand doing it REALLLL CHEAP...... Well these customers are getting what they pay for thats all I can say.....
  2. lowrider57

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    Here in south subs of Chicago Lucky to get .09 a sq ft and I use Sealmaster coal tar and only water I add is what they recommend while filling up.
  3. BIGBOY2008

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    I am in West Kentucky and if i charged $0.09 per sq ft i would be better off working at Lowes rather than to put up with the headache of chasing the dollar seven days a week. I had several of the seal coating guys who charged $0.09 and $.10 per sq ft to call me up last year right before Thanksgiving and Christmas trying to sell one and two year old seal coating rigs for well under half (some of them a third of the price) of what they paid for them new. It had all boiled down to them dropping their prices so low to compete with each other that they didnt make enough money to carry their families through the holiday season.
  4. lowrider57

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    Yeah can't make enough during the spring and summer so had to take up plowing to make it thru,,,,maybe I should move down by
  5. prestige101

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    id like to know to i can't put it down for any less than $0.18 per sq/ft
  6. phil12984

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    i am new in the business, but i was told by many businesses to charge .15-.20 cents per sf on residential and .11-.15 cents per sf on commercial? correct?
  7. prestige101

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    them are good prices that is what its going for around here in michigan and use the $50 min. knowing the others around here don't want to mess with them small ones like that i have found them to be profitable
  8. donmac1970

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    Anybody in Michigan? How much do you charge? Here in Northeast Michigan I - and my competitors charge 6 to 8 cents a square foot - We make good money.... I would not get a single job at 12.... My competitors would walk all over us... After all of my overhead I make approx 90k per year.... In 4 1/2 months 7 days a week. Works for me.
  9. sealcutter

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    phil, that about right on what we charge depending on clean up and what not. With price of crude going up how can we lower our prices, we all need to be close in price or we will drive it down to the bone. I try to keep my over head down to be competitive and do work in volume.
  10. richsealcoating

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    There are contractors charging prices from 5 plus years ago and are now freaking out because the cost of sealer is on the rise as is fuel. This is when a good reputation for quality work and a professional crew will stand head and shoulders above. The way to be successful is good training within your crews which in return get you more efficient productivity.
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