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Atlanta, GA area
I'm going to submit a bid that will include a request for snow removal pricing. Snow removal in Atlanta, GA! At any rate, I don't want the bid response to be thrown out because it might be considered incomplete without the snow removal info.<p>So want do you use? Per sq. ft.? Rock salt material used? plus time & margin? Is rock salt the best cover material? Need some help on this one.<p>Thanks in advance and season's greetings to all and best wishes for an abundantly prosperous new year!<p>----------<br>Chris<br>


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ARe you providing snow plowing, or only ice control. What works best for melting depends greatly on your circumstances. Since you are in a local that will not see extreme temps(although 20 degrees may seem extreme there)the rock salt may work fine. However there is run off,vegatation and corrosion issues at hand. E-mail me direct<br>and I can tell you some alternatives to rocksalt.<br>Also if you buy in bulk vs bag that will cause a huge difference in pricing. Since you will be the only one around that will have that material in stock, you may be able to name your own price. I also have a great line of snow pushers that work great in moving snowfall on walks. <br>Dino

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