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    The county wants our company to give them a bid for spraying around 75 acres for noxious weeds. It is about a 20 ft of spraying along all the railroad tracks on both sides in the county. The railroad union sprays directly over the railroad but not as far out as the county would like, they want to contract it out. I have not bid a job this big before and like this. Most of the spraying will be done using a UTV with a sprayer on the back. Spray once in the spring and a spot treatment in the summer. Anyone bid anything like this before or have any suggestions? I included a picture of an example of the areas I would be spraying. It will be a lot of miles or railroad.

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    You’re gonna spray that with a UTV?
    Better pack a lunch...
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    Yeah it's going to be a long day or couple of days. I do have a boomless sprayer and a 12 foot boom sprayer that are used on spraying small pastures. However, the boomless sprayer does not get as good of coverage. I want to be able to go fast yet good coverage. Any boom or boomless sprayers that have worked well for larger spray jobs for you guys?
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    A long time friend who owns a tree removal company stepped out of his normal scope of work and wound up winning a state bid to spray weeds along bridges and overpasses. They wound up walking away from the contract and paying some hefty fines. Totally underestimated the terrain they were managing - huge ruts and gully's that could only be traversed with a large farm like tractor.
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    That will never happen while spraying.
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