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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jsr2741, Feb 13, 2003.

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    I was setting up my mailings with the lady who sends out those coupons that most people get every month. She was telling me about her sub-division association which takes bids every year for the sub-divisions lawn care.

    She said there are 39 or 40 homes in the sub-division and that they bid out different work needed. She said the guy who cuts the grass is not the same as who does the fertilization etc.

    When I left, I drove around her sub-division and all the lots appeared to be about the same (around 10 to 16,000 sq. ft.). However some had more trimming than others and what not. My question is how does a guy go about bidding something like that when you've got so many variables involved.

    Just curious.
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    hears how i would go about this .
    i would do it one of two ways.

    1)i would set an average price for all the lawns .you might loose a little on the bigger jobs but will make it up on the smaller jobs

    2)go out and bid every lot and add it all up

    good luck and happy bidding
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    Here are a few questions?
    1. Do they pay individually or would you receive one check from an association? This is important because each home owner would be paying the association fee based on their lot size.
    You on the other hand would just have to loo at the big picture and give them a bid based on the entire subdivision.

    2. Will there be one contact person or will you have to deal with each homowner. Again very important.

    3. Will the pruning of shrubs be included in your price or is this portion just a mow, edge, and trim. Again very important.
  4. bob

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    Are you talking about the community open areas, or the individual homes?
  5. jsr2741

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    From what I was told they contract out everything. She seemed to think the trimming of bushes was done by someone else, as with the landscaping etc.

    These are individual residents and she said that she paid $100 dollars a year in sub-division dues for all the services that the sub-division contracts. I don't know if their dues are based on their lot size or not. As far as who the contact person is, its been my experience that the treasurer of the sub-division committee is the contact person.

    Just to let you know, this was more of a question out of curiosity. I'm not bidding on this sub-division and have never done one before, but I was curious as to how much of a pain it would be.
  6. 39-40 bosses...........................

    $100 x 40 homes = $4,000 a year maximum in revenue for you.

    At $10 a house that's $12,000 a year in mowing.

    Is she talking some sort of common ground.
  7. nelbuts

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    I think that she may have mis stated what she pays. In fact maybe she pays $100 per month? Think about it if she pays $100 per year for her service and there are 40 other homes paying the same then they are collecting $4000 per year to fert., mow, prune shrubs, and trees. Now which one of you are gonna do that!

    Actually find the president of the subdivision. Or better yet find the old lady who thinks she knows everything cause she does.
    Do yourself a big favor here, bid it all with seperate bids. I mean bid the fert, then a seperate bid for mowing, and one for pruning shrubs. Now when they compare all the prices you could get them all or two etc.

    One other thing if you do get anything find out who the meanest uglyist, old witch at the property and then get there and kiss her *****!! I mean baby her to death. Now everyone else will love you for it cause they don't have to listen to her all summer long!!
  8. jsr2741

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    I didn't see a common ground when driving through it, and she didn't mention a common ground. Since this is located in Winghaven (I'm pretty sure you've heard of Winghaven LGF) I doubt there's any space that's not used.

    She did mention that she would expect to pay $40 to $45 per cut on her yard if she had to hire out on her own. Her property looked like it was about 7,000 sq. ft. of mowable grass.
  9. Give me a ring, I'll drive by there with you, and give you a feel for what to charge on some stuff, and others reccomendations of things you might of forgotten or don't /can't do.
  10. jsr2741

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    She said the contract had alread been awarded.

    Like I said I'm not bidding on this but thought it would make for an interesting topic for you guys. I wish I had the time to do a few of these sub-divisions but Police work takes up to 8 to 10 hours of my day so I'm at this time limited on how much I can get done in a week.

    LGF, I'll keep the offer in mind, especially if I decide next year to make the plunge full time or I put out a crew.

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